Wearable Tech: Sony’s Smart Wig

Wearable Tech: Sony’s Smart Wig

By Patrick Russell

Can a wig really be smart? Sony seems to think so. Last month, they patented the SmartWig, which is a wig made of any materials, including yak hair and feathers, which needed to be said for some reason, that can process data and interface with other devices wirelessly.

Sony believes that SmartWig will open a new frontier in wearable technology. One idea was that it could be applied in the medical field, where the wig could monitor and wirelessly transmit vital signs and other medical data. Another suggestion was a worn navigation system that used subtle vibrations to steer the user. Tantalized yet?
Wig navigation sounds a bit impractical. Rather than spending money to make your head buzz while you’re driving, it’s probably best if we stick to the perfectly effective and affordable audible option.

The far more legitimate use of the SmartWig is in the medical industry. An electronic wig could be designed to detect seizures before they strike, giving some warning to the patient as they go through their daily life without the aid of an expensive and high maintenance seizure dog.

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