Weird and Wacky Wedding Cake Ideas Couples Everywhere will Enjoy

Although most couples choose a traditional cake for their wedding reception, more newlyweds today want a wedding cake that makes a statement; one that speaks to their combined interests and their guests will never forget. Artists who specialize in wedding cakes love the challenge of making unusual alternatives that offer the opportunity to show off their skills.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Steampunk Wedding Cakes

Steampunk blends Victorian design with science fiction to create some of the most out-of-this-world designs. Steampunk features a world in which steam is the ultimate power source and technology as we know it doesn’t exist. Scroll designs and items from the Victorian era including pocket watches, high button shoes, and corsets are typical.

Weird and Wacky Wedding Cake Ideas Couples Everywhere will Enjoy 2

Fruit Cakes

Fruit cakes are fairly flexible for an unconventional look. Sliced fruit between tiers helps fill up the empty space while blending classic and modern looks. This type of cake is perfect for a tropical theme, especially if you use goodies like tamarillo, coconut, and pineapple. If you’re going for a garden party or other summer theme, try currants, blueberries, or strawberries.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Gothic Cakes

Nothing provides an edgier look for a wedding cake than a Gothic style, perfect for Halloween weddings, or serious horror fans. Black icing with toppers in full Gothic gear will create a fun sensation at your reception. Other dark shades of red and purple are great additions to these cakes, and you can easily go with either a classic or modern theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Fairytale and Fantasy-Themed Cakes

Few things appeal couples more than showing off their interests and hobbies. Fairytale and fantasy themes from your favorite books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are a great place to start. From stunning cakes fit for a fairytale princess, to cakes featuring dragons and other mystical creatures, these alternative cakes will always be unlike any others your guests have seen. Custom cake toppers like animals and wizards help pull everything together, as well as sculpted designs on the cake itself.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Picasso and Art-Inspired Cakes

Picasso and many other artists have inspired wedding cake makers in recent years. The bright, bold colors featured in these artists’ work provide an exciting alternative to traditional white cakes. They often feature perfectly square or rectangular layers, and sometimes have abstract toppers that fit in perfectly with a modern look.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Buffets

In keeping with the less-conventional look of these cakes, you may want to consider serving your wedding cake and other desserts buffet-style. Originally popularized by couples serving more than one cake, it is a great new way to serve other delicious goodies like brownies and cookies.

No matter what your interests, you can be sure to find the perfect cake for you and your guests.

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