Weirdly Luxurious Resting Places

“Sleeping with the fishes” takes on a less sinister meaning thanks to a new bed design that places your head directly below a 650-gallon fish tank. For the low, low price of $11,500, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to purchase matching lamps, which are included. Despite the price and any claustrophobia or concerns about leaky seams you might have, the design is pretty awesome. And it’s not even the weirdest or most expensive in this list, which includes a floating bed and one made of solid gold!

Floating bed

Attention millionaire minimalists: The Magnetic Floating bed hovers over the ground without a frame or headboard. Magnets placed in the bed push away from magnets embedded in the floor, causing the bed to “float,” while nearly invisible wires tether it to the floor. The bed can support nearly 2,000 pounds. The price tag? $1.2 million euros.

Aquarium bed

Given that a third of your life is spent sleeping, it’s arguably justifiable to invest in a deluxe bed. This custom-made headboard by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, for example, literally captures a tropical seascape. Fork over $11,500, and rest your weary head under a 650-gallon tank that sits atop matching bedside tables (reading lamps included). Sleeping with the fishes not your thing?

Adjustable bed

If you’re short on space but flush with cash, the BedUp is for you. Starting at $3,800, this modern take on the Murphy bed spends most of its day clinging to your ceiling. You lower it to a height of your choosing at bedtime, and then send it back out of sight during your waking hours.

Security bed

If you stay awake late into the night thinking of all the horrible things that could befall you, the Quantum Sleeper might help you sleep easier. This high-level security system can be customized to provide protection from forces of nature, acts of terrorism, and even stalkers. Opt for the DVD player, microwave, and fridge and this fully-equipped bed becomes all the “safe room” you’ll ever need… for just $160,000.

Smart bed

Nothing says luxury like a bed that makes itself. After a night in Spanish furniture maker OHEA’s “smart bed,” simply get up, press a button, and watch as the duvet is stretched back into place by robotic arms that glide slowly from the foot of the bed to the head. The pillows are lifted up by cords hidden in the head board and then gently dropped back on top of the perfectly made covers.

Gold bed

Prone to rolling around in Benjamins? The Jado Steel Style Gold Bed is the one for you. This king size waterbed is coated with 24k gold and jazzed up with Swarovski crystals. Complete with a built-in plasma TV, DVD player, Bose sound system, and a PS3 game console, this bed is the ultimate in opulence. And for just $676,550, these bragging rights can be yours.

Rocking bed

Rock yourself to sleep in your own Private Cloud. Designed by Manuel Kloker and retailing for about $6,800, the bed can sway back and forth or (should travel sickness kick in) be stabilized with specially designed back plates.

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