What Are Some Ideas to Prolong Lifespan of a MacBook?


While Macs are one of the most reliable computers you can find, do not be fooled into thinking that they will last forever. A time will come when you notice a sudden drop in performance. And this is only the first step toward bigger problems.

Stuttering and crashes indicate that there is something wrong with the Macbook. If you want to keep the same device for years to come, you need to take better care of it. The ideas below should help you get a better understanding of what is necessary to prolong the lifespan of your Mac.


Idea #1 – Have Enough Free Disk Space

Lack of drive space is quite common because the disks of Macbooks do not offer that much storage, to begin with. And the problem becomes even bigger for those with SSDs rather than HDDs.

Getting a cleaner utility tool that removes temporary junk like old backups, app extensions, and caches would be worth consideration. But that will not be enough to keep your drive in check.

Temporary junk does not require the most space. The issue lies in larger files. And the fact that you do not necessarily have the option to delete them straight away. What should one do in this case?

Well, there are external storage devices as well as cloud services like Dropbox. Transferring files there is always a good option. Moreover, you have a plethora of streaming services, and using those would eliminate the need to keep music, movies, and TV shows on the computer.


Idea #2 – Add New Hardware

Adding new hardware is cheaper than purchasing a new computer. And these days, finding a cheap deal is not that big of an issue. As new hardware is introduced every year, older models tend to be quite cheap while not falling behind that much in terms of performance.

RAM and SSD upgrades are the most common. The latter especially, given how much of a difference it makes in terms of performance. If you have an opportunity to replace or add new hardware, do not hesitate and go for it.


Idea #3 – Clean Dust and Dirt Inside

The filth inside a Macbook can accumulate faster than you expect. Clean that before it leads to serious damage. Hearing a loud internal fan noise usually indicates that there is too much dust and dirt inside. High temperature is also one of the consequences.

If you are afraid of taking the computer apart and removing the filth yourself, go to a repair store and let the professionals do the work. 

Finally, consider purchasing a cooling pad. The accessory is great if you have to use the Mac in a poorly ventilated room or live in a country where the temperature is always hot. 


Idea #4 – Avoid Potential Viruses

Cybersecurity threats vary in terms of how many problems they can do to a computer. Doing everything you can to prevent them is the best course of action. Make sure that there is a reliable antivirus that is constantly scanning and removing threats. 

Enabling the firewall would also help, as it is disabled by default on some computers. Lastly, be warier of the links you click on. Even if it is something that you receive from a reliable person, it would still be better to discard an URL if it looks suspicious.


Idea #5 – Be More Conservative With System Resources

Your computer does not have unlimited resources. Do not go overboard with background applications. Be more conservative and run only those apps that you actually need to use at the time.

Disabling visual effects is another item on the checklist. These effects offer nothing of real value and are only there to consume the resources of the Macbook. Get rid of any visual effects. Doing so will also improve battery life. 


Idea #6 – Look for New Software

Take a closer look at the Activity Monitor and see which applications seem out of place. You can sort every process by CPU or memory usage. It might be that you are running an app that is consuming way more than it should.

Removing the items from the computer completely is an option. But you can also spend a bit of time looking for alternatives that are not as resource-hungry. 

For instance, take internet browsers. There are quite a few available options. You can try multiple alternatives until you find one that suits your needs the most and does not put that much of a toll on the computer system.


Idea #7 – Keep the System Updated

Speaking of the system, be sure to always keep it up to date. New updates are released with the intent to improve stability, security, and overall performance. Missing out on an update could lead to a lot of issues, and your computer will not operate at the most optimal capacity. 


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