What Are the Best Gift Ideas For When You’re Stumped?

Gift Ideas

The best gifts we can get are those that come from the heart. The kind of gift that makes someone feel like we really care about them really cared to get to know them, and really put in the effort to make them feel loved.

But… Let’s be honest for a minute. Sometimes, you just don’t really know what to get that certain someone in your life! Maybe it’s a coworker you are friendly with, a classmate, or even an extended family member.

Perhaps it could even be a close family member, but they seem to already have everything! What could another item be to them, especially if you end up just buying something just cause, and don’t put some thought into it?

It’s enough to make anyone worry like someone on the last match to get his PlayCroco Casino bonuses! It’s nerve-wracking because you want to win (get them a gift they will like) but you don’t know what the other player will do (you don’t have a gift you know they will like)!

So, if all else fails, what are some great gift ideas that almost anyone would appreciate? A gift that shows that you care, but in a way that doesn’t feel fake or like you didn’t actually put in any effort?


A Card

To start things off, there is nothing like the good old-fashioned card. Giving someone a card has been a standard custom for us since ever! You’d go out to the store and pick something cute or goofy or nice and give it to someone.

Or, if they are one of your palls or something, you might pick something a little dark or dirty even. All in good fun of course, and you’d have a laugh that they got some joke that was only funny because it’s vulgar printed on a card and sold it.

However, there is still a certain lack of that personal touch to this. In the end, you just bought something someone else wrote and gave it to them. Depending on who the person is, it could feel disingenuous.

So, one solution is to write your own note and signature on the card. Then it adds that breath of life into the card so it doesn’t feel like something you had to do, rather something that you wanted to do.

Alternatively, you could take it even a step further! Make the card yourself, and write whatever you want on the card from the beginning!

Personally, I have been doing this for the past couple of years and can attest to its effectiveness. When you hand someone a handmade card that they can see you put effort into, their eyes light up.

It’s not about what is written on the card. It’s not about that you gave them something. It’s about that you put effort into something for them. You gave up minutes or even hours of your life to make something for them specifically.

Sure, most people don’t really think about it like that. When you get a handmade gift, they don’t think about how you gave up a bit of your life to them to give them that gift. But, they recognize the effort, and that’s something very special.

It doesn’t even have to be anything super grand. You can make whatever you want based on your artistic abilities. What matters is they see you put effort into it. If you don’t put in any effort they will see that too. Then, instead of being beautiful, it will seem cheap.

They might think you not only didn’t care to give them something special that you made, but you didn’t care to spend money on something someone else made. So, you made them whatever and called it a day. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but just try.


Cold Hard Cash

I’ll be brief with this because I think it is self-explanatory. People like money. If you give someone money to do with as they please they will really like it.

This is an especially good gift for people who aren’t as close to you. They know you don’t really know how to get them something personal, so a gift is just a courtesy to show you care.

Therefore, cash and a card have been a staple. The card shows you put some heart into it, and the cash shows you put something other than heart into it. Money will always be appreciated unless they have too much of it already.



Flowers are another pretty standard gift, and they kind of do the same thing as a card. They show you care and are something nice for the person to enjoy even if it’s temporary. A card might give a short laugh, roses will give off a nice smell while they last.

The only thing I would say to keep in mind with flowers is that not everyone might appreciate them. If you know the person is wild about nature, they might not be stoked about having some flowers that will die in a week when they could have lived in the ground.

Or, if someone has allergies, might be best to skip the flowers. Better to find a different gift than have them be uncomfortably sneezing and coughing for a week because of the pollen. Or the flowers might just end up being binned.



Everyone likes to eat. Everyone likes to drink things. Therefore, people will appreciate it if you get the food! Yummy treats and tasty snacks are a great way to show someone you care about them, even if you don’t know them so well.

You could either get them some food prepackaged or bought, or you could make your own to give them, or you could take them somewhere to eat fresh. Each of these options has pros and cons.

Buying prepackaged food is the least personal, but it also has a professional feel to it. You spent some money and got something made that looks professional. Whether it’s chocolates or pastries or whatever.

On the other hand, making your own food is much more personal, but could also not be the best received. Not everyone wants food made in someone else’s house without supervision. And, it may not look the best especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about baking, etc.

Finally, there is just taking the person out to eat. This is the most personal, while still keeping that polish/professionalism about it. The food is made by certified people but is going to taste better than prepackaged stuff.

It also has the benefit that you don’t have to guess the person’s tastes. You can ask them what they want to eat and take them to the restaurant that serves the food they want no worries!

It’s not like if you go to buy a gift and ask what they want where it can feel like you never got to know them, or if you want to make something for them where it might make them feel uncomfortable knowing you are going to work on something for them and they don’t want to be a burden.

Instead, when you take someone to a meal, asking what they want is normal. Maybe they are just in the mood for something at that moment! No awkwardness, no sweat.

Obviously, though, all of these options should be weighed based on who you are giving them to. Some choices might be better for coworkers, others might be better for an aunt or a cousin. Use your best judgment, and you should be alright.


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