What Are The Best Soap Operas Ever Made?


Obviously, no matter who creates such a top, there will be mixed opinions about it. Some people watch soap operas for the storylines. Others are attracted to specific characters. While creating tops of soap operas is difficult, we definitely cannot argue with the fact that the following ones are among the most loved in the world.

All My Children

This is one soap opera that is always listed as being among the very best that was ever made. It is filled with talent, charisma and money, all really attractive features for absolutely all people that want to watch movies.

The Young And The Restless

Many see The Young And The Restless as being a huge work of art. So many years passed since this show first aired in 1973. We had over 1,000 consecutive weeks spent at the number one spot when referring to daytime dramas so how can we not consider this soap opera? It is really predictable in many situations but there is something that keeps people coming back over and over again.

Days Of Our Lives

When referring to soap opera history, Days Of Our Lives is always mentioned. This is a show that was even featured in other shows. For instance, the character Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS was listed as being an actor in the soap opera, although that was not something that was true. Days Of Our Lives basically lays down a benchmark when referring to daytime soap operas. The not top would be complete without it.

General Hospital

This is a 1963 soap opera. It was started with a new idea in mind and that idea ended up being used by most other soap operas in the future. We are talking about the supercouple trend. Then, most of the soap operas that were created had some sort of the main couple that was brought in the center of attention. General Hospital is great to revisit in the event that you are looking for a piece of history and for a lot of entertainment.

Always think about what is of importance for you when you watch a soap opera. With so many out there, it is easy to understand why one person’s top would not include what someone else sees as works of art. Soap operas keep appearing every single year and many of them are really good. There are even countries where there is a tradition associated with this genre. A couple of years from now, this top may be obsolete.

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