What Are the Different Types of Photography That Exists Today


Many people dream of being photographers, whether that means taking stylish photos on their phones for personal use or taking it to the professional photography world and making money off of their skills.

There are so many types of photography to choose from. If you’re feeling bored with your current subjects, why not try something else?

We’re here to discuss a few of the many types of photography that you can try as long as you have the chops for it. Read on to learn more.

Product or Food Photography

Product or food photography is where a lot of photographers end up making the bulk of their money. It’s like still-life photography

Instead of photographing a moving person, you’re photographing something that a company or individual is trying to sell. Unlike fashion photography, there isn’t usually a model involved.

It’s common for people who do product photography to set up shooting “sets” like lightboxes to really put the focus on the product or food, but they may also pose it in a more “natural” environment.

All businesses need product photographers. If this is a line of work that you’re interested in, consider contacting local businesses that don’t have a strong social media presence and offering your service.

Furthermore, using a photo editing service, such as Pixelz, for product photography can significantly improve the visual appeal of the products you are capturing and put you ahead of the competition.

Underwater Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is what most people think of when they think of professional photography. In portrait photography, you aim to capture a person as they really are.

Portrait photographers work with one or two clients at a time. The photos may be close-up or at a distance, but regardless, the focus is always on the person or people in the photos.

Portrait photographers tend to have no problem finding work. They can work in hospitals to take photos of new mothers and infants, they can take school photos, and they can take professional headshot pictures for models, professionals, and actors.

Some portrait photographers also do engagement sessions or even family sessions.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography might seem like a subcategory of portrait photography, but it has enough differences to have its own category.

In portrait photography, the subject is always the person in the photo. In fashion photography, the subject is the clothing, makeup, or jewelry on that person.

While the person will be central, the photographer’s goal is to make what they’re wearing as appealing as possible, even if it’s at the cost of the person themself.

Many fashion photographers have more “editorial” style photos that are creative and visually interesting. They want to draw the eyes of potential customers.

Night Photography Of Tokyo’s Streets

Street Photography

Street photography is a lot of fun and it’s something that most photographers (even newbies) can try.

When you do street photography, you’re capturing an overall “vibe” of your area. All of the shots are candid and you have to be quick to get the perfect photo. Your models aren’t waiting for you!

Street photos aim to capture humanity as it is. You may see someone who looks unique (like someone who has a different fashion style or “look”) and snap their photo.

In traditional street photography, people don’t tend to ask permission before snapping a shot. Nowadays, if you’re focus is on an individual, it’s proper etiquette to let someone know ahead of time, even if that slightly ruins the candid nature.

You can usually still capture someone’s essence as long as you don’t pose them and you encourage them to continue what they’re doing. Make sure to offer them a copy of the photo to keep!

Nature Photography

Photographic Journalism

Photographic journalism (or photojournalism) is tricky, and it’s often something that photographers do because they have a true passion for their craft. These photographers tell stories with their photos.

Photojournalists capture moments as they are, even if they’re not perfectly posed or lit. All of the photos are candid and the photographer should intervene as little as possible.

For example, if someone was photographing the wreckage after a tornado, they’ll likely walk around the town and take photos of broken buildings, debris, and even people (though it’s important to ask for consent before posting those photos).

The Most Gorgeous Landscapes Around the World

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most profitable types of photography, and getting into it is a dream for many photographers. Wedding photographers charge thousands of dollars for their work, and for good reason. They’re photographing the most important moment in a couple’s life and it’s hard work.

Wedding photographers are extreme portrait photographers. They want to capture everyone at the wedding party and all of the guests, but they need to take both candid and posed photos.

They often work in low-light conditions and they have to be on high alert to make sure that they’re not missing the first look, the first kiss, and any other crucial must-have moments.

Most professional wedding photographers have helpers. Those secondary photographers ensure that someone can capture the more “mundane” moments while the primary photographer can focus on the couple.

Architectural Photography

Do you love taking photos of unique structures? Architectural photography might be right up your alley.

Professional architectural photographers can make decent money if they offer their services to designers, real estate agents, and leasing agents. They’ll take photos of the interior and exterior of various buildings to make them look appealing to potential buyers or clients.

It’s not always exciting (most buildings aren’t unique), but it’s a good way to make a steady income as a photographer.


Which Types of Photography Appeal to You?

If you’re a budding photographer who wants to get serious, there are plenty of types of photography to choose from. It’s time to bring out your camera, get outside, and start practicing!

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