What Do You Need to Play World of Warcraft? From Requirements For The Computer to The Plot Of The Game 


Almost everyone knows about the game World of Warcraft. The legendary game has a lot of fans all over the world, their number not only does not decrease during such a long time of existence but also grows every day. Do you want to join the ranks of players? Today we will tell you what you need for this!


Technical requirements

Let’s start with the most important thing which is the technical part, because without fulfilling the computer requirements, you definitely won’t be able to play … OS: Windows. AMD Radeon HD 5670 | GeForce GT 440 | Intel HD Graphics 5000 Series graphics card is suitable for you. The required RAM is 2GB.

A long time ago, back in 2004, Blizzard released World of Warcraft – a client MMORPG, then there were not so many online games. Released in 2004, World of Warcraft in the future broke all sorts of records for the number of players, gained millions of fans, and remained in the heart of all players of that generation.


A brief overview

Of course, the world of Warcraft has been holding the popularity bar for so long for a reason. During its existence, World of Warcraft has set a very high bar, which not many projects can achieve.

A truly legendary game during its long history managed to survive the online crisis, and then “shoot” again and players again began to see a huge online. With the latest updates online, wow has calmed down and now this game has become a real-world where you can relax, participate in PVP and PvE, or just trade.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft gameplay

The first thing to do to start playing WoW is to buy a client. Yes, one of the main disadvantages of the game is a paid client and subscription. However, the maintenance of such a number of servers costs money, you must agree.

The graphics of the game will definitely not go unnoticed by you, it has come a long way. The graphic component of the game is very different from the classic World of Warcraft. The developers have thoroughly redesigned the graphics engine, improved the resolution and texture quality, and the game has become less and less like a cartoon. Spells have become much better animated. The character designer has also become more colorful and larger.

According to gamers, the combat system is the best – classic control on qwerty and other keys, a convenient hot bar, damage by target and focus, dozens of spells and the absence of combos, the ability to compose macros, etc.

The flexibility of pumping options also remained in WOW: you can swing by killing mobs, making a wow mythic boost, completing quests, participating in PVP skirmishes, or passing dungeons, of which there are several hundred in WOW.

After the purchase of the client, we will be taken to the character creation window. According to the plot of the game, you can join one of two warring factions: the alliance and the horde. To get into one or another faction, you need to choose the race for which you will play.

For the alliance, you can choose the following races: human, night elf, dwarf, Dwarf, Draenei, and panda.

Orcs, undead, trolls, blood elves, tauren, and pandas play for the horde.

Certain classes are available for each of the races :

The Robber Warrior


The Magician

The Priest



Death Knight



Each class has a number of its own characteristics, so study this point in advance.


PVP and PVE in World of Warcraft

Why does everyone like World of Warcraft so much and the game is still in the top? Players love the world of Warcraft for the variety of games at high levels. If you like playing against other players, you can become an avid participant in the skirmishes on the battleground – the battlefields for the possession of territory between the horde and the alliance, fight in the arena in 2V2, 3V3, and 5v5 mode. In this mode, players maximize their skills of playing for heroes.

The battleground is a very exciting mode! On various maps, from 10 to 40 people can take part for each side, and each location has its own characteristics and tasks necessary for victory. By winning on the battlefields, you get points for which you can purchase armor and weapons that are ideal for PVP.

Do not forget that the world PVP is available in wow, so be careful when pumping in disputed territories – you can be attacked by players of the opposing side.

Pve in the World of Warcraft is a very wordy topic. WOW is probably the only game with such a developed PvE mode. Each player can take part in the passage of dungeons starting from level 10 and participate in raids up to the last level. For completing the dungeons, you will receive rewards and experience, as well as be able to knock something out of the bosses. In total, the game has over 100 dungeons of normal and heroic difficulty levels with a number of players from 5 to 25 people.

Here is a selection of basic knowledge from the players we got. We are sure that if you follow their recommendations and explore their knowledge in articles, you will definitely have easy games.

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