What is Dedicated Hosting: Benefits of a Dedicated Server

dedicated Hosting

What is dedicated Hosting? As its name itself signifies and explains it further, in dedicated hosting you don’t have to share the things with anyone else. In dedicated hosting you get the resources, capabilities and capacity of a complete server. An entire server is thoroughly dedicated for your purpose and your website too. Dedicated hosting has the capacity to handle huge traffic and exponential amount of data.

There are different types of hosting- shared hosting, virtual private servers, managed hosting and dedicated hosting. Out of all, dedicated type is the most powerful option that lies in front of you. Nowadays VPS is catching more attention of the users as it empowers the users hundred times better than the shared hosting in somewhat more or less same rate. But nothing can match the charm, attraction and power of dedicated hosting!

It’s true that some high end VPS can go far, in terms of speed and performance when compared to low end dedicated servers, but overall it is simply impossible to create the magic of dedicated servers.

Now let’s go into the further details of dedicated hosting and some important benefits of getting engaged with a dedicated server.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

  1. First of all, dedicated servers are very fast. It has the capacity to handle any amount of data.
  2. It is more reliable than other types of servers. If you are using the services of a dedicated server then your website will never be denied to access the resources and files which it requires to handle traffic.
  3. In dedicated hosting, you don’t have to worry about your website going down.
  4. Dedicated server is highly secured. As all the resources are allocated to you then there is hardly any chance of things going wrong from the security aspect.
  5. Dedicated servers offer more control and freedom to you over the entire system and processes. If you share a server with others then you won’t be allowed to have a complete control over the things.
  6. One of the main reasons why dedicated servers are better than other servers is that it performs in a much, much better way than its counterparts. All the reasons that have been mentioned above helps a dedicated server in performing better as compared to other servers.
  7. In dedicated hosting you get 24X7 hours kind of customer support in a real sense which is something not there with other types of hosting despite their several claims in advertisement offers.
  8. Dedicated servers can run anything that their hardware can manage. Hardware is another great attraction with dedicated servers which attracts the customer’s towards it.
  9. Hard drive, memory, processing capacity, storage capacity and moreover the network access is entirely dedicated to a single user.

So it’s not a great surprise why it is more powerful and effective than other types of Servers. Those who are intended to host e-commerce websites, for them dedicated servers is a must.

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