What is The Easiest Class to Play in WoW?


World of Warcraft is now 15 years old, but that doesn’t mean the game is slowly dying of old age. WoW remains extremely popular and is managing to attract new players ready to explore the Azeroth universe. The level cap in WoW is currently at level 120, and although the leveling process has been streamlined over the years to allow for faster leveling, new players will still have to sink a significant amount of time into reaching max level. If you’re going to spend weeks, or maybe even months, reaching level 120, then you want to make sure your time is well invested. That’s why we want to look at the easiest but also best classes to play in patch 8.2 We will be focusing on classes that have easy to learn rotations, are decent levelers, are still competitive at end game, and are fun to play.



In terms of Tanks, Guardian Druids probably have the easiest rotation, and Druids, in general, are great levelers. However, the community perception of Guardian Druids isn’t as positive as other tanking classes so if you want to play a class that increases your end-game marketability, then a Brewmaster Monk is a better choice. Many of the top guilds going after world-first achievements are raiding with Brewmaster Monks, and sometimes more than one of them. It’s just worth considering that Brewmaster Monks are slightly more difficult to play well than Guardian Druids.

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For DPS we will split the section into melee DPS and ranged DPS. For melee DPS Havoc Demon Hunter is the clear winner. This class and spec are great for beginners, because it outputs great damage, and has high survivability. Demon Hunters provide great utility to a raid because of their Chaos Brand ability that increases magic damage taken by the target by 5%. This means that most raid groups will want at least one Demon Hunter, and that can be you. Havoc Demon Hunters are also performing extremely well in Mythic+ Dungeons in patch 8.2, allowing you to farm lots of WoW gold, so it’s a great time to play this class.

For Ranged DPS, Beast Mastery Hunter is the way to go. Beast Mastery Hunters can perform their rotation on the move, which gives them an edge in mobility which can be a tricky mechanic to get used to as a beginner ranged DPS. This is an area that beginner spell casters will struggle. Beast Mastery Hunters are also a popular class that is performing well on the damage meters and has a positive community perception.



Mistweaver Monks are generally considered to be the easiest healing class to play because a lot of the Mistweaver rotation is handled by the game, which means you can pay more attention to boss mechanics. Mistweaver monks have a good community perception and are outputting huge amounts of healing in heroic dungeons – they currently rank second, with Holy Priests taking the number one spot.

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