What Is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified and collaboration are the terms without which no business communication is complete. By acting as a comprehensive and powerful tool, it enables a business to overcome various challenges that one might face while establishing a communication infrastructure. Its assistance is not only far-flung but also growth supported.

If you want to make most of it, knowing it a little better is imperative. So, let’s get started knowing about unified communication starting with its layman’s definition.

According to Wikipedia, UC or unified communication is the process of integrating various real-time enterprise communication services at a single platform to eliminate the delays, hassles, errors, and complexities involved in business communication held at different platforms. 

Some of the key components that are integrated into UC are instant messaging, video conferencing apps, unified messaging apps, teamwork apps, mobile app, calling features, and voicemail services. 

As far as unified communication and collaboration (UCC) are concerned, it is the basic combination of various communication and collaboration technologies. Bringing various types of communication technologies like video, voice, software applications, and data services over a single communication platform enhance your team’s ability to collaborate and communicate with one another and any other third-party resource like customers.  


Is it worth trying? 

For sure! The immediate and long-term impact of unified communications and collaboration is so empowering and evident that you can’t turn a blind eye towards it. It renders a whole suite of advantages to the end-user and makes them competent enough to overcome communication and collaboration challenges. 


It speeds up the collaboration

Half of the time your team struggles to get connected with the relevant contact and find the needed information. 97% of executives and employees agree to this and admit that the outcome of the project/task gets directly affected by the quality of collaboration and team association.

A team consists of members of all caliber and acumen. No two teammates are equally efficient. 

However, that fact shouldn’t come in your way when you aim to achieve success. With UCC, tools like screen sharing and video conferencing, allow your teammates to collaborate with the head of the department or other skilled team members and maintain the balance.

As all the collaboration tools and resources are present under one roof, there is no wastage of any time and effort. Your team members don’t have to make extra efforts. It saves time and leverages the collaboration at every level.


Flexibility at its best

You can’t expect to grow exponentially when you are tied-up with a certain location/device/system. To grow beyond boundaries, you must work beyond boundaries. UCC has great flexibility that allows businesses to work with any smartphone, tablet, and PC. That means you are not forced to sit on your desk and tied up with your landline phone for communication.

Using it as your chief communication platform, you can easily allow your workers/team-members to work from their preferred location. Such flexibility is further beneficial in many ways. You are free from the burden to set-up a proper infrastructure for the team, there is no need to invest in a particular type of device/technology, and it improves the team’s productivity as they are not wasting time in traveling back and forth.


Opening up new collaboration avenue

With the traditional PSTN-based phone system, you can’t expect the enterprise-grade collaboration. You only have a landline phone to communicate and collaborate. Such a type of collaboration is only half good and won’t fulfill all your requirements. On the other hand, the virtual phone system doesn’t mandate the need to hire external professionals to control and observe the system.

The tools offered by UCC have a commendable ability to collaborate at any level. You can integrate your social media platforms like FaceTime and Skype for collaboration, set-up a live chatbot on your website, and design an auto email facility for each visitor that visits your business website. 


Better training & development 

Nothing can beat the worth of a skilled and well-trained team. Finding hard-working resources with such qualities is too tough to begin with. To build a team that is practical and capable enough of the real-time situation, you must introduce them with real-time situations. 

Your unified communication platform comes with a call barging facility that allows any third-person to become a silent/active part of two-way communication at any point in time. Using this facility, you can train your future team members in real-time and improve their reliability. Similarly, you can share live video/audio recordings and help them understand how things work at your end. 



UCC is here to make things easier, quicker, and effective without letting you bear the wrath of high investments. With the integration of all sorts of communication and collaboration tools at a single platform, it enables end-users to improve the team’s work and productivity at every level. So, taking it on board is the right move that you should make right now.


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