What Managed IT Services Does My Business Need?

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While your business can’t operate without a connection to the digital world, explore the managed IT services that will best serve your business.

Did you know that on average it costs about $3800 per month to have an in-house IT staff member?

It may cost as little as $1000 per month to host an outsourced IT staff member depending on your needs. This is just one reason why many are choosing outsourced or managed IT services over in-house staff.

If you are considering making the move, what can managed IT services offer to you? What are the biggest benefits of making the move? Check out the answer in our in-depth article below.

  1. Managed Network Services

Changing your network to allow for remote managed network services brings many benefits. Your entire network will be operated, secured, and managed by the IT management firm.

This does not only mean your software needs. They will also be responsible for network hardware. This could include servers, routers and operating systems depending on the size of your operations.

The security of your network is paramount. The IT firm will take responsibility for aspects of security such as firewall security, managed WAN and LAN, and more.

The setup and maintenance of these types of facilities require specific skills. To have staff with these skills on staff can be very expensive. Read more here to find out how you can find a company that can remove the burden of network management from your shoulders.

The IT service company will be able to leverage its years of experience in assisting other global companies. They bring their experience to your company. Think how much it would cost to bring experienced personal of this caliber to your companies IT department?

  1. Help Desk Services

IT operations in a company of national or international scale must be maintained 24 hours per day. Human error, network connectivity, or other unexpected events can have a deep impact on production.

Hiring a managed service provider means you will have this much-needed support when you need it. They will be awake to assist at any time and have the expertise needed to maintain production.

Their support means your company has very little downtime. This, in turn, has an impact on your reputation and customer satisfaction. You are known as a company that keeps its word thanks, in part, to the consistency of the supporting IT management company.

  1. Security Services

Security is one of the hottest topics in business today. Never before have businesses had so much connectivity. They have never been able to communicate internationally so easily. However, equally, companies have never been open to so many threats.

In a world that becomes more complex day by day, IT workers need to regularly update their skills and knowledge of threats. This is not easy as, particularly in North America, there is a current talent shortage in the IT security sector.

By delegating this sensitive need to an IT services management company, they can rest easy. They know that specialists are caring for their security.

IT security services will provide a structure that guarantees the safety of sensitive information. They will provide training regarding best practices, strong password management, and how to deal with the threat of ransomware attacks.

One of the most important parts of protecting a company is the formulation of a disaster recovery plan. How will the company deal with an attack? What steps will they take should an attack be successful or partially successful?

They will create a recovery plan that enables company departments to start work as soon as possible after a disaster.

  1. Data Storage

Companies of 2019 face challenges to their management of data on multiple sides. First, they have to guarantee the security of their data. They also have to be able to manage their growing amounts of data. Finally, they have to provide assurances they are managing personal information in line with current legislation.

While current company policy will dictate what data is retained, they still require storage and access to this precious information. While there are a wide variety of locations where data can be stored, the management of this data requires dedicated personnel.

The most effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses is to let an IT management company host and manage their data. This includes data storage and database management and archival capacity.

Thanks to cloud data management systems, third-party hosting does not require any restriction on company access to this data. However, it provides peace of mind that this data is being managed by professionals.

  1. Application Services

The average company will use numerous applications to handle its business operations. these will include in-house applications, these may monitor specific steps in production or supply chain.

Other applications could include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, or accounting and human resources software. Whichever programs are used, these require management and regular updating.

Managed applications services will help you to run these applications at their highest efficiency. They may even be able to build or expand your current tools to handle your workflow in a more efficient way.

Does your company use or interact regularly with remote workers? Or even freelance workers? the IT management company will be able to equip these workers with the best tools and most suitable access to company resources.

Managed IT Services and Much More

Managed it services are just one method companies can employ to increase their efficiency and benefit from the latest in IT skills. However, it is not the only one. Are you looking to keep up with the latest IT and business trends? We are here to help.

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