What Need to Know About CISA Certification Exam?


Certified Information System Auditor, shortly CISA is a certification program offered by ISACA. A CISA designation is confirmation of your professional skills and knowledge. It also increases your value to stay ahead in the competitive market.

CISA is offered by the organization ISACA. ISACA was founded in 1967 with the target to create a governance figure in IT. Since then, ISACA relentlessly working on ensuring the quality of IT Audit sector.

ISACA introduced CISA in 1978 as a verification program for information auditors. It’s the assurance to skill if information system control & security professionals. It’s designed to attract the information system auditors, also the professionals within this technology. Even the professional teachers of these sectors are also targeted in this certification program.

Currently, there are over 115,000 registered members under CISA. And with the given effective value and coverage, these numbers seem to increase. In the North America region, there are over 33,000 CISA certified individuals.

And you can also become one of them & stay ahead in the run. CISA is approved by the United States defense department. It also won SC Magazine professional Certification category in 2009.

CISA Syllabus is designed to test your specific skills in the following field. There are in total of 6 domain areas. In the exam, individuals will be tested by 200 multiple-choice questions. These questions will be chosen from those domains on a certain percentage. Here’s how it’s done.

  • The process of the information auditing system -14% question which results in 28 Questions
  • Governance & Management of IT -14% question which results in 28 Questions
  • Information System acquisition, development & implementation – 19% question which results in 38 Questions
  • Information System Operations, Maintenance & Support – 23% question which results in 46 Questions
  • Protection of Information Assets – 14% question which results in 28 Questions

This makes it a total of 200 questions from 5 domains. The total marks are 800. You can join CISA courses to secure a good score. You’ll be given 4 hours to complete the examination. After completing the exam, you’ll be considered a CISA candidate.

You’ll be required to achieve at least 450 marks out of 800 for further actions.  If you satisfy the minimum score, you can apply for CISA certification. There is some requirement you must satisfy to apply for CISA.

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in information System Domain area
  • The certification application has to be submitted within 5 years of sitting for the examination.

If you have the following requirement, then you can proceed. You must agree to comply with the professional code of ethics. You’ll also be required to follow ongoing education programs. Further, compliance with IS Auditing Standards is also required.

Being a globally recognized & accepted, there are quite a lot of benefits of having a CISA designation. Above all, it’s a valid assurance of your professional qualifications. Which eventually provides the automatic recommendation in a professional field. You do not need to turn to any tutors, courses, or essay writing service in order to get a prestigious education and interesting work.

Not only it helps you get the job, but also it increases your value in the workplace. And the additional confidence that it provides, helps you to interact more in the field and progress through towards the top.

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