What New in Minecraft PE 1.20.30, 1.20.40 and 1.20.50?


Explore new territories, look into the vast space and conquer new heights in Minecraft PE 1.20.30, 1.20.40, and 1.20.50.


What awaits you in Minecraft PE 1.20.30, 1.20.40 and 1.20.50?

The developers of Mojang Studios, releasing new versions, strive to please fans with new features that can be implemented in Minecraft. Each update brings its own innovations to the game, some of them remain, winning the love of the players, and some disappear to be improved or completely changed.

Minecraft update 1.20.30, 1.20.40 and 1.20.50 intrigue users with their novelties. Players will be able to meet new creatures that are not like the old ones and have amazing mechanics and behavior. New mobs live in new territories with incredible landscapes, flora, and fauna.

To get the most experience and enjoyment from the gameplay, we recommend using shaders and textures that will make the picture more pleasant and comfortable to play.


New Items

New features that appeared in Minecraft PE 1.20.30, 1.20.40 and 1.20.50 require new attachments. So, for example, for archeology and excavations, players need a brush to carefully dig out artifacts. It is located in special places for archeology – abandoned camps of scientists. These structures are generated naturally throughout the blocky world.


New Feature – Archeology

In addition to mines and dungeons, there will now be another function related to mining and digging. Excavation is very interesting; players have been waiting for this feature for a long time. To successfully search for artifacts, the player must be well-equipped.

Among the equipment for archaeologists will be a helmet with a flashlight, which will easily help illuminate the part of the earth that needs to be dug up or is perfect for exploring dark areas underground.


To speed up the process of mining precious ores and other mining, you can now use a drill. And to destroy the blocks gently, but quickly and effectively, use a separate type of dynamite.



Traveling through the territory of the cubic universe, the player enters various biomes that differ in climate, environment and creatures that inhabit this zone. The authors of the game are constantly striving to expand the boundaries of the world and add new locations. Mangrove swamps are one of them.

This variety of swamps with new trees growing in these conditions, blocks, flora, and fauna has a unique look and will be very useful to players. Frogs, fireflies, and other animals live here.


A large amount of building materials can be found in this new biome. Mangrove wood is widely used in the construction of houses, boats, and other items. By the way, tree roots can also be used as blocks to create items.

To make the nights not so dark, use new blocks for lighting. Now it will be easy and simple to while away the most terrible and dark period of time.

Download Minecraft 1.20.30, 1.20.40 and 1.20.50

Download: https://mcpecube.com/download-minecraft-pe/407-minecraft-1-20-0-for-android.html

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