What To Do To Get More Interaction on Instagram


Instagram has become a haven for people looking to leave their mark on modern society. With so much focus heading its way and so many people using it to share their messages and interests with the world, it’s no surprise that its users are competing for the attention of the hundreds of millions of users spread around the world. There is a large audience looking for content that interests them, whether it is to entertain themselves or to look for content related to their hobby. With close to one hundred million posts per day, a social network is a thriving place for communication.


Getting more likes and comments 

Likes and comments are crucial to racking up your interaction and becoming more visible through the platform. To that end, here are some quick ideas to get more of them:

Choose a filter you like and stick with it. Instagram offers its users plenty of choices when it comes to deciding on the filter to use for uploads. Therefore, you should find one that gives your profile a distinctive look and helps you build an identity for your profile.

Cross-post. This means connecting your posts on Instagram with other social media accounts you have or any other place you are able to link to your Instagram page. This helps draw attention to your profile from numerous different sources.

Make the most of hashtags. Hashtags are your friend as they can get you more attention so don’t be afraid to use them. If you’re not sure which hashtag to use, look up the most popular ones and see if they are relevant enough to your post for them to be used. Additionally, you can use more than one hashtag and the ideal number is considered to be eleven. This allows you to use numerous different ones and, thus, get attention from different sources.

Organize competitions. Everyone likes to win a prize so this is a guaranteed way to get attention. If you have a product or service to offer, make that the prize and have a “like-to-enter” or “comment-to-enter” rule. This will give your statistics a bump and get the interaction you desire.


Getting more followers 

Similarly, having a large number of followers who regularly interact with your content is another way to get the engagement required to boost your popularity. In order to help you reel them in, we’ve listed a few more ideas that should help:

Get involved in the Instagram community. This may seem like a simple enough idea but if you can show that you have something to offer other Instagram users then they will take an interest, whether it is because of your opinions, your entertainment value or the products or services you are looking to sell. By being seen to interact with other users, you will catch the attention of other Instagrammers and they may consider following you if you pique their interest.

Follow your rivals. It may sound counter-productive but think about the reason why. Your rivals are your rivals because they are doing something similar to you or they are targetting a similar group. Therefore, following your rivals is good because it gives you an idea of what content they are putting out there. This allows you to compare it with your own and gauge the reaction of their followers. Additionally, by following your rivals, your profile may be recommended to your rival’s followers. This can help you because by being interested in your rival because of what they offer, they will surely be interested in you and what you have to offer.

Be local. While Instagram is a global network, it also helps to focus on what’s going on in your local area as this can help you build stronger relationships. Add locations to your posts and follow pages about where you are based in order to make sure you are up-to-date with what’s going on in your area.


Other ways to increase overall engagement

The temptation to find easier ways to get more interaction and increase your popularity in this way is always there with Instagram. Knowing that there is the potential to reach a bigger audience and a wider range of people is enough reason to search for ways that better guarantee the possibility of getting the increased engagement that is required. While what we have mentioned above refers to approaches that have been shown to get more engagement over time, there is a quicker way to get the job done. This involves websites that allow you to pay for these features. These websites, such as social10x and insta4likes, offer Instagram users the chance to expand their interaction with other Instagram users by paying for a set amount of each of the main Instagram features likes, comments, and followers. Once you have paid the money, you decide which posts you want the likes or comments added to and when to add them.

If you choose to pay for followers, then you need to decide when and how many followers you want to be added. You don’t need to add them all at once and there’s quite a convincing argument to be made for doing so over a period of time. If you do it this way, the additional interaction builds up gradually, not coming all at once. This gives the appearance of more natural growth in your profile’s interaction and leads to a steady rate of growth as opposed to a sudden, sharp rise followed a leveling off not long after.

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