What To Keep in Mind When Buying CBD Oil For Dogs Treats

How will you feed them the treats?

You might know all the wonderful benefits of CBD for your furry friends, but they don’t. And in nine cases out of ten, they will vehemently oppose this new, strange-smelling thing. You know what we mean, there has never been a dog that took its parasite medications without struggle, or stealth, or both.

Luckily though, hemp products meant for puppers exist in several easy to administer variants. Learn more about the different forms of CBD oil products at this link.

First, tinctures.  Tinctures have droppers in their bottles, and you can measure out the precise dose that you need. One very handy thing here that these oils can be applied to a treat of any kind. You are not limited to biscuits and cookies. If there is some other tasty thing your dog loves, you can sneak the CBD in that. Peanut butter seems to be a widespread favorite.

You can also try rubbing the tincture into a small piece of meat that they like or mix it into their favorite wet food flavor. dripping it onto dry kibble might also work, though will likely need a few pieces to avoid them getting soggy and having a hemp scent and taste that’s too strong for your doggie’s palate.

Of course, good old doggy biscuits are still the single most convenient option. You can get some plain ones, and then drip your CBD oil onto them. Also, you can buy premade munchies. They come in different dosages, flavors, and looks. CBD dog treats are available from a wide variety of vendors, so pick and choose to your heart’s content.

The benefits of CBD dog biscuits

The most obvious one would be that it is fairly easy to get your dog to love them once they pass the initial “new thing on the menu” phase. They tend to be produced in extremely tasty varieties, to make them more palatable. This also opens the door for you to use a new sneaky trick: treat these biscuits as rewards. Give them to your pet when they are being very good boys and girls. This will teach them to associate the medicinal munch with good, happy things, and therefore they will be less resistant to ingesting them.

Another upside of these edibles for canines is their availability in a vast spectrum of doses, shapes, and sizes. Look to the package to see what dog weight and size they are meant for. This will greatly help you determine the appropriate dose. If in doubt, less is better.


Things to consider when making your purchase

When you go shopping for a CBD product for your pet, make certain that it actually does contain the substance you need. Just because a label says that something is hemp-based, or infused with hemp, doesn’t mean that it has the necessary amount of cannabidiol content. Always search the company’s website for the results of their laboratory tests, and if you have any misgivings, feel free to contact them directly. These lab results are called Certificates of Analysis and you can learn more about them here: https://medium.com/alphagreen/the-complete-guide-to-cbd-coa-certificate-of-analysis-d37cddd9b570

Also keep in mind the dosage you need. Although CBD isn’t dangerous for your pets the way THC is, careless dosing can cause drowsiness, lethargic behavior, and if the dog happens to have a bad reaction to the treatment, it will experience intense nausea, possibly accompanied by vomiting. The rule of thumb tends to be one drop of tincture (or equivalent concertation in biscuit hemp component) per 10 lbs. of dog.

Finally, be vigilant of all manufacturer information on the packaging. Pay attention to all the tiny print and the asterisks. Info about additives etc. is found under those.

And, if at all possible, conduct your CBD treatment in cooperation with a licensed veterinarian. Ideally, look for someone who has real-life experience with using hemp products in their practice. Or, if you can’t find one in your area, at least make sure they are open-minded to the idea and willing to actively learn with you and help you. Prejudice is just as harmful as overdose.

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