What You Need To Know About Esport Betting


Sports betting is nothing new and has actually been around for centuries.  However, a new section of betting is Esport betting which is done on a number of different virtual games.  If you are thinking about getting into this form of betting, there is a lot of information that you need to know about.  

Dota 2 

What Are You Betting On?

Before you look at the details of Esports betting, you need to know what you are actually betting on.  Esport betting is much like traditional sports betting where you choose a team in a match and bet on them.  The primary difference is that instead of soccer or NHL, you will be betting on virtual games such as Dota 2.  

These virtual games are generally played by 2 teams and you can bet on the winner as well as the actions within the game.  The exact action that you will be able to bet on will vary depending on the game and the actions players can make. It is important that you research the game before you start betting on it.


The Types Of Bets

Esport betting is currently more restricted than traditional betting.  This means that you will not have the same variety of betting options available for any single game and you need to consider this.  Most betting services will allow you to bet on an outright winner only while others have more options.

Betting on a winner is doing exactly what the name suggests.  You will bet on the team that you think is going to win the match or tournament.  This is often the easiest type of bet to start with, but you will still need to complete research before you start.  

There are certain sports where you will be able to bet on the time a match will take.  This will generally be displayed as an under and ovoverbetAnother under and overbet you can place will be a kill bet.  With this bet, you are going to be betting on the number of kills the teams will make during the game. It is important to note that this bet will not always be on offer and will depend on the sport you bet on.

There are a number of other bets that you might be able to make based on the game you bet on.  If you are going to bet on Dota 2, you will be able to bet on the first blood. With this bet, you are going to be betting on the team that makes the first kill within the game.

Betting On Tournaments

One of the best ways to bet on Esports will be to bet on tournaments.  There are a number of tournaments held throughout the year for the different virtual games.  Tournaments are considered better for gambling because they provide you with more time to research the teams and get to know how they play.

If you are going to be betting on a Rivalry tournament, it is recommended that you watch a few of the first matches before making any bets.  This will give you a chance to determine how each team is performing and how likely it is for the team to reach the later levels of the tournament.  One of the drawbacks of tournament betting is the slower returns that you get as you need to wait for the end of the tournament to claim any winnings.  Fortunately, most of these tournaments will only take a few days to complete.


Match Lengths

When you look at betting on Esports, you need to understand the game and the match lengths.  Most of these sports will have best of matches where more than 1 game is played to determine the winner.  You have to consider this when betting as this can drastically change the outcome of the match.

BO3 and BO5 are the best of games that you will be looking at and they are the best of 3 and best of 5 games.  The winning team will be the one that wins 2 or 3 games first. These matches will generally be easier to predict than a BO1 match because upsets are more common in the latter.  

When looking at the best of matches, you should look for teams that have a history of stable performance.  There are many teams that are able to win 1 or 2 games before they start to lag and this is a problem when betting on these matches.  Strong performance is important when you look for a winner in this type of betting.

Be Careful With Odds

In traditional betting, you will generally be able to choose the favorite based on the odds and have a good chance of winning.  This is not actually the case with Esport betting because of the way the odds can be swung. There are many players in Esports that have a large following and people who will bet on their team regardless of their opponent.  

When this happens, the odds will be skewed in favor of the popular player.  However, this does not mean that their team is actually capable of winning. The betting odds could be good, but the actual playing odds will not be.  

To overcome this problem with Esports, you will need to research the game.  You have to understand the gameplay and the teams. Doing your own research will ensure that you are not taken in by the odds which can be skewed by the popularity of a single player.  


Roster Changes Matter

If you are going to be betting on team sports, you need to be aware of any roster changes.  Roster changes are actually quite common with Esports and there are times when players will switch from one team to the other.  What you need to consider with roster changes is how long it takes a player to get used to the new team. It will generally take a while for players to get used to the communication of the new team as well as the tactics that are used.  If there is a sudden roster change, you need to be careful when you bet.


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