What You Need to Know To Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee?


Getting the perfect cup of tea or coffee is a very complicated task, many spend years and generations perfecting the art of preparing a good cup of tea or coffee. Come on, we may not want to reach that level of perfection because we would have to dedicate our lives to it, but we can have a quality more than decent and above the average quality of preparation of many restaurants and coffee shops.

To prepare the best cup of coffee at home you have to take into account several factors, it is worth mentioning that here we are not talking about instant or soluble coffee.


Water Quality

The water you use has a direct impact on the flavor profile of the coffee to be prepared so try to use quality water and not from the tap to prepare your coffee.


The Quality of Coffee

This is essential, you must have the coffee with the flavor profile that you like at hand, preferably in low acid coffee beans and grind it before preparing the coffee.


The Correct Roasting

The roast in the coffee impacts 100% on the taste of the coffee and this is already a personal taste, some like a medium roast to other French, and for this as in other points, it is your personal taste, just try and find the one that best suits you. Each roast, wash and origin of the coffee will have a unique profile and it is where the tasters spend their time to give us the best coffee they can find.


The Grinding and the Filtering Method

Depending on the filtering method that you are going to use, this should be the grinding that you are going to use, there are 4 types of grinding considered standard and according to the apparatus you are going to use, you must make sure you have the right grind, if you do not know, it is best that you ask your coffee supplier, and if you do not have a suitable grinder it is better that you ask the supplier to grind the coffee for you, you just have to tell him what type of device you have and he will know that ground is what you need.


Water Temperature

As you know, the water temperature is essential to extract the correct flavor profile for your coffee and although there is no consensus on this, we recommend a temperature of 90 ºC when preparing your coffee. Some experts say that between 90 ° C and 96 ° C is ideal. The best advice we can give you is to try between these temperatures and stay with the one that goes best with your taste, not everyone likes it the same and the best thing about preparing coffee at home is that you will prepare it to your liking.


The Amount of Coffee to Use

We all like things a little different and coffee is no exception, some like a little more loaded and others lighter. There are people who believe that adding more coffee to the preparation is to make it “stronger” but the only thing you are achieving is that there is more coffee in relation to water and changing the extraction of the flavor profile of the coffee. Each extraction method can vary the amount of coffee to be used but when you buy the equipment it comes with its “standard” measure, respect it to obtain the best flavor profile.

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