What You Should Know About League of Legends Warding

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To win in a league of legends warding, you need to be skillful and witty. Also, you must control yourself and enhance your vision if you are looking forward to more scores. Essentially, it would help if you learned how to ward when to ward, and probably where to ward. Also, you must be able to limit your enemy’s vision to enhance your chances of winning.

When you place your wards smartly, it allows you to spot the enemy in real-time and move about easily. It enhances your ability to make winning decisions. Also, you must improve your chances of getting ganked and get the S rank at the end of the game.

But you need help to be able to outsmart your enemy’s moves. Also, you will need to know when your enemies are likely to attack and ward off the dragons before they spawn. Therefore, to win most of the games, it may necessitate that you check out this guide and master the following. 


1. Protect the Jungle and Prevent Invasion in the Laning Phase

The first two minutes are important and will determine whether you win the game or not. During this time, most players will be very busy farming in their respective lanes. So it would be best if you positioned your team on the entrance to guard the jungle and prevent a possible invasion. It helps you not to waste your words.

After 1.30 minutes, the mid laner and the jungler should ward the two sides of the bush, and it puts them in a good position of spotting the enemy that is trying to get to level 2 gank.  If your competitor is experienced, warding in such a position is vital and could help you scuttle crab before it spawns towards the end of the second minute.


2. Farming in the Mid and Late Phase

If the objective is to farm in this phase, you must prepare yourself to ward off the path that surrounds your chosen jungle. This way, you will not get ganked easily.


3. Keep an Eye on Your Vision Score

Knowing your vision score in every game is critical because it helps you place or destroy an award. It also denies your enemy more vision and improves your chances of winning. A LoL vision score can help you win more games because it enables you to avoid being ganked. Anything above 40 points is a good ward score and will allow you to create more vision for yourself while denying the enemy vision. So looking at the ward score every now and then is critical and will help you track the warding skill.


4. Master the Challenging Wards

If you are up against an experienced player who can engage you from any position and go invisible, mastering the ward can help you safely and the enemy bush. This can happen without the need to stay away from your lane more than it is necessary.

If you want to win any game in the league of legends, the secret lies in how you ward and make use of your vision game. Also, you’ll need to act first to ensure that your enemy does not have more vision than you do.

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