When Celebrities And Varsities Didn’t Go Well Together

Winter’s here and it’s time to pull out you varsity and letterman jackets. But whatever you do, just don’t try to pull these celebrities disasters.


Don’t know what’s more ugly; Rihanna or the jacket?


awe… as cute as Taylor is, that has to be one of the worst ways to pull off a varsity jacket, and that too for the fall season.

lady gaga

not so GaGa over this look


Elle Fanning trying to pull off a letterman with some not-so-flattering style. And is it just me or does she look preggy?


oh look who came back from the dead trying desperately hard to be all young!


and here’s some more dark… don’t get too excited, it’s not chocolate!


And I just went blind with those colors striking my eyes


fashion disaster 101 – a varsity jacket over a chic black mini-skirt.


Guess who worse this? Yep, Michael Jackson; oh the irony!


And this ladies and gentlemen is the death of fashion… straight from Paris!

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