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Having the job of a fireman requires big responsibility and every fire truck is as important as an ambulance doing emergency transfers. Driving the fire truck requires being volant and fast. Firefighting is one of the most important jobs in the world and also one of the most deadly tasks to complete. These heroes go out into the world each day and risk their lives in order to save complete strangers from a fiery death. You can show respect for the great firefighters with amazing fire truck games online for free. Most of the free video games offer different levels of skill, danger, and challenge good for adults and kids alike.

Play Fire Truck Games Online Free

Compared to other free online truck driving video games, these will test your driving skills and how you can save human lives. Here are some of the best free fire truck games:

  • Heavy Firefighter. A busy day setting for the local fire house and you as the player has been order to help them. Just utilize the arrow keys to move the fire truck around the city and stop in front of the houses on fire. Just click on the fire to douse it with water and move on the next emergency. You can use the fire engine’s ladder to save people.
  • Iveco Fire Truck. Compared to other flash video games with the fire and rescue genre, the Iveco Fire truck makes use of your strategies than your skills. Each level has a new set of emergencies and people that need to be saved and rescued are also there. You need to select the best trucks for each mission or else the citizens of the city will die in tragic events.
  • Fire Truck Master. Another exciting free game offered with fires raging out of control all over the place. You can jump in your monster fire truck and race to the fires in time for saving the poor citizens of the rural town. Ensure that you get to the fire as fast as possible in order to score the highest total. When you lose balance, you may end up burning and ending your career in this game.
  • American Firefighter. In this game, what you need is to take control of the fire truck and save the people around the city. Ensure that you steer accurately and reach houses in danger of burning to the ground then spray with vast amounts of water. The giant fire truck looks easy to control but when faced with pressure of life and death, there is no easy way.

These games give you the hype without the monthly subscription or membership fees. Try to play fire truck games online free in these games and uncover the skills you have in emergency situations.

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