Where to go for the best anime?


Anime has never been that popular like it is at this time. What is anime and where to watch the best animes? Let’s find out in this article.

There are more and more people addicted to anime streaming. Even you are not an anime lover, maybe at least one time you hear about Dragon Ball or accidentally see a piece of Attack on Titan on TV. But have you ever wondered what is anime and how it becomes so popular? Not all long-term anime fans can answer these questions.

So what exactly anime is?

Anime is an animation made in Japan. 

Anime is not an abbreviation of any English word. It is how the Japanese pronounce “animated cartoon”. However, its frequency of use is relatively great that it is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as “Japanese films made using characters and images that are drawn rather than real”. To the Japanese, anime is any cartoon not only made inside the country but also made in any country in the world. However, in the area outside of Japan, anime is just any animation made in Japan.

Reasons for anime streaming

There are several reasons why we love anime.

Art styles

There are several reasons why anime streaming is so popular. The very first reason comes with the outstanding art styles in most animes. In anime, people often use colors that are beautiful and bright, and exposure to them can improve our mood and grab your attention. Even in some horror anime or some sad animes, how manufacturers mix colors still make us deep into this anime.

New knowledge

Besides, watching anime regularly and you can learn new things. Many anime manufacturers bring cultural factors into their animation; therefore, you may acquire considerable knowledge about Japan and its culture. In some anime, for instance, Conan by Aoyama Gōshō, you can learn a lot. Through working cases, much interesting knowledge could be obtained, for example, about Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Technology,…

Meaningful concepts

Most anime is unrealistic; however, through them, several major issues are raised. Of course, manufacturers do not bring them directly to their products. Viewers just understand these issues after watching the anime. Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka in Japanese) is one of the most famous anime all over the world. This anime is produced by Toru Hara and based on the work “Grave of the Fireflies” by Akiyuki Nosaka. Through this anime, we do not see the meaninglessness of war but also feel the feelings between siblings.

Where to watch anime?

There are many websites available in the market that you can go for anime. fcine is such an amazing anime streaming web that we want to recommend to you.

From various anime genre 

So why it should be fcine but not other websites?  The first reason comes with the variety of anime available on this website which can best fulfill your anime streaming demand. Whether you like action anime. adventure anime, horror anime, or detective anime,…all of the most popular genres are available on this website. This allows you to choose a particular anime you like and explore new genres that you have not seen before.

To proper web design

fcine is designed in a way that is simple and user-friendly. When looking for an anime to watch on the weekend, you will find it easy to look for a perfect one on this website. At the top right of the web, there is a box that allows you to seek your favorite anime faster. Just type in and click in the magnifying glass symbol and you immediately see your needed anime appearing in just a few seconds (of course, it also depends on your internet speed).

If you do not remember the name of the anime, don’t worry, just a little bit of information is enough to narrow the choice. Choose the anime’s genre, origin and choose how it is sorted by, for instance, by the movie name or by the view. Done, let relax with the amazing anime you have chosen.

Update episodes every day

Update new anime episodes, bring the best experience to anime fans. 

Most animes have many episodes and waiting for each episode to be released is like torture because manufacturers always end an episode with a vague scene, attracting us for the next episode. In fcine, all animes are updated daily to bring the best anime streaming experience to anime fans.

No fee and no advertisement

Anime streaming in fcine is completely free. You do not have to pay any money to watch high-quality anime in various genres. Although there are different anime streaming websites available on the internet, fcine still has many views. This is because there is no advertisements on the website. Have you ever close a film when it has not started because of the too-long advertisements?

If you have, this anime streaming website is what you need. Visiting fcine, you will not see any advertisements on the main web. Clicking into any anime, you do not have to wait for several advertisements that cost you up to a minute.

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