Which Accessories Will Make The Hottest Gifts For TwentySomethings This Christmas?


Buying gifts can be one of the most fun parts of preparing for Christmas – but also one of the most challenging. If you are seeking out the ideal present for the millennials in your life, whether it’s a sibling, son or daughter, friend or partner, you probably know that being up on the latest trends in fashion and gadgets tends to be quite important to them, so here are some of the coolest accessory ideas to give you some inspiration:

Vaping Accessories

The vaping trend has been going strong for years now and seems to have made it past the ‘hipster fad’ phase and into something people are genuinely enjoying doing. While science has not yet been able to prove or disprove claims that vaping is harmless, it is known to be less harmful than smoking tobacco and a good way to wean yourself off of nicotine. If your gift target is someone who has talked about quitting cigarettes as their 2018 New Year’s resolution, then you could help them on their way with a vaping device.

Alternatively, if they are already a fan of vaping, a nice gift box of vaping liquids in different flavors or accessories like a stylish carry case can be a great choice.

Marijuana Accessories

Now marijuana is legal in more states than ever, and also used by a lot of people for medical reasons – including treating anxiety and depression, which can be fairly common in twentysomethings – accessories that make using marijuana easier, more discreet, and generally more stylish can be a great gift.

Some stoner fashion brands make special wallets or purses for both men and women that are designed to stop the smell of the cannabis escaping, allowing people who use marijuana to carry it in a stylish and odor-free way. These can be the ideal gift for someone who you know uses the drug either medicinally or recreationally.

Beard Products

Some say beards are going out of fashion, but the trend for having beards that flourished over the past few years has led many men to grow fairly attached to their facial hair, and a lot of them are planning to keep embracing the rugged look, no matter what the style magazines say!

If you are buying for a young guy who loves his beard, then beard trimming tools can be a good option as a gift given that most men prefer to keep their beard in check to some extent, rather than rocking the Hagrid look. There are also a lot of luxury beard conditioning oils and other products designed to keep a beard looking its best that may well make for good stocking fillers.

Of course, there are a wealth of tech and gaming devices that millennials will also be delighted to open on Christmas day, but if you are looking for something more mid-range, these suggestions should hopefully give you some food for thought when it comes to gift ideas.


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