Which Driving Offenses Are Illegal But We Do Not Know?

Generally, the drivers consider themselves driving gurus who know everything about driving and its offenses. They think that only over-speeding, breaking the red light signal, drink driving, and some other traffic violations are offensive and consider it the maximum knowledge, which is not. Therefore, when they commit mistakes without even knowing that these are offenses, they complain they are wrongly fined.

We can give numerous examples of such offenses that are illegal, but we actually do not know about them. Some of them will be discussed here:

Sleeping while intoxicated in a car

If you are intoxicated and want to sleep, you need to go home and sleep there. It is not allowed when you are inebriated. If you will sleep in your car, it will be the offense as you are in charge of the vehicle. The authorities will charge you against it and add 10 points to your license.

You park on the wrong side at night

We also consider it a weird law, but actually suits all of us. The authorities say that this activity creates concerns in the minds of the oncoming drivers. At night, the drivers get confused under lights about the direction that will hurt you less.  It creates confusion in their minds under their lights and you can experience it as well. If someone violates it, he will get a penalty charge notice.

You are on a hard shoulder and have let your pet out

Shoulder or a hard shoulder is a lane that is specially designed for emergency parking. However, if you will let your pet out, you will face the circumstances. Your animals must be in your car and are allowed to let them out only if there is an emergency. Another important rule is to keep your dog properly restrained and not following it is also a violation.

You are inviting other drivers by flashing lights to overtake you

Although it makes driving easier for other drivers, especially on the highway but is illegal. It is allowed only if you want to show your presence. The reason behind its implementation is also the confusion. The drivers must have clarity about traffic rules and if there are two meanings of the same signal, one must be stopped. If you have violated this rule, a heavy fine will be charged.

Using horns in a residential or built up area at night

Disturbing others at night is highly unethical and if you do it through horns at night, you will also be legally charged. The use of horns is forbidden in a built-up areas between 11:30 PM to 07:30 AM as it creates a disturbance. The authorities consider even the little beeps equivalent to the loud sounds and there is no difference between them.

You are using your phone at a drive-through for the payment

Using hand-held phones is strictly forbidden on the roads and authorities fined heavily if you violate it. The same law applies when you are at a drive-through. Some people think that using mobile for the payment is allowed, but it is not.

You are driving much below the speed limit

When authorities define the speed limit, they expect that you intend to make it a target. The Highway Code says that you need to drive according to the situation. You must not cross the speed limit, but drive slowly is not allowed as well. It not only slows down the driving on the roads but also annoys other drivers as well. Against this violation, you will not only pay the fine but also get up to nine points as well on your license.

You are eating, drinking and doing other small activities while driving

These are not offenses, but you are not concentrating on driving and engage in other activities, you will be charged. When it will be noticed, you will be fined and three penalty points will be given to you.

You are using the pedestrian crossing for overtaking

Protecting the pedestrians is the basic responsibility of any driver and if he fails in it, will face the consequences. Overtaking through pedestrian crossing is unlawful even when lights are green. It is allowed only if the pedestrian crossing is clear.

You are not using correct car seats for children

When we buy car seats for our children, we take it casually and buy randomly. Traffic laws also define the car seats as well that must be according to the height and weight of the children. If your car seats are not according to the law, it will consider the traffic offense and you will pay the consequences.

You are driving an uninsured vehicle

The drivers do not like auto insurance and try to avoid it. Driving an uninsured vehicle is unlawful and you need to buy it immediately. All the states have set the minimum insurance rates for drivers’ convenience and even in this situation, you are caught up without it, will face heavy fines.

You will definitely think that some of these laws are obscure, but when you will face the consequences, you will learn how important these are. These offenses not only increase the risk on the roads, implement pressure on your budget, but also affect your insurance premium as well when you go for buying the general auto insurance as well.


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