Which One Are You – This or That? (15 Photos)


“There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, those that find this blog hilarious and those that have no sense of humor whatsoever.”

Those are the words of Joao Rocha, an art director from Lisbon, Portugal. In this latest tumblr site, 2 Kinds of People, Rocha humorously groups people into one camp or the other. It is one very fun series and do tell us are you a analog watch lover or a smart one?

two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-15 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-14 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-13 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-12 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-11 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-10 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-9two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-8 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-7 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-6 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-4 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-3 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-2 two-kinds-of-people-tumblr-by-joao-rocha-1


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