Which Upcoming Game Releases will Shape Gaming in 2019?

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The year is still relatively young, and yet we’ve been treated to a myriad of excellent games, including Metro: Exodus, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 2, and, finally, a fully-fleshed competitor to Fortnite with Apex Legends, per BBC. There’s still a lot of 2019 to come, and while it seems very unlikely that a headline-capturing revelation like that of the Battle Royale genre is on the horizon, there is a lot to look forward to in the world of gaming.

We can look forward to a continued resurgence of a much-loved form of gaming, a new way to play going all-in to become relevant, the potential revivals of huge gaming franchises and brands, the return of some classics, and enhanced player experience for PC gamers. It may not be able to go toe-to-toe with 2018, but this year is set to continue to be a big one for gaming.

Is 2019 the year of VR?

Virtual reality in gaming has, for the most part, struggled to take off properly. The PlayStation VR headset and offering did well at first and expanded its fan base when it cut the price of the expensive set, but has mostly flown under the radar. In their new State of Play presentation, the focus was on the huge new games coming to PSVR, which include No Man’s Sky, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Iron Man.

If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo and their smash-hit console, the Switch, are making their way onto the virtual reality scene. The surprisingly popular and innovative Labo offering – which involved building game equipment from cardboard – has launched Labo VR. Not only will it come with new virtual reality games, but according to The Verge, it will also work with two of the Switch’s biggest and most highly regarded games, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

With truly exciting new PSVR titles and a big push from Nintendo Labo, there’s a chance that 2019 could be remembered as the year that virtual reality gaming really made its claim.

A continued return of the classics

As was the case with fellow 90s classics Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, yet another famous game from two decades ago is getting a remake for the new consoles: Crash Team Racing. The new game Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled will be released in the summer, featuring all of the insane racing action of the original games but with an updated look and more features.

Crash Team Racing isn’t the only 90s classic which is on its return as it seems that other forms of gaming popular before the turn of the millennium are also becoming more popular once again. Once secluded to halls and certain older age groups, bingo has moved online and is taking the gaming community by storm. It has learned from other building-turned-online gaming forms and offer new customers no deposit bonuses, according to Oddschecker, to help solidify its standing as a top online gaming option and not just a passing trend.

People are re-realizing how great games that were supposedly confined to the past can be in the modern-day, leading to an increased demand for the likes of bingo and old console titles. Crash Team Racing and bingo, now that it’s online, boast a lot of appeal through name alone, which is why they may end up being bigger gaming stories of 2019 than many would expect.

Franchises poised to make a big comeback

Since Electronic Arts obtained the exclusive Star Wars license from Disney in 2013, the gigantic fan base has received two greatly underwhelming console games mired in controversy, news of a promising story-driven game by Visceral Games that has been canceled, and a pool of freemium mobile games. Now is their chance to win back fans with the release of Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn. Its launch may be hurt by the many fans still disgruntled with EA’s handling of the license, but if it is a good game, you can bet that it’ll be one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Although the franchises don’t need to make a comeback, two Nintendo properties look to have a huge 2019. It’s been seven years since a mainline game and two years since the latest mobile offering, but Animal Crossing is finally back. Set for release in 2019, the new Animal Crossing will surely help the continued momentum of the Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon mainline series is also making the big leap to the Switch, making Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield the first of the mainline series titles to be playable on home consoles and through television.

The Nintendo Switch will continue to grow its huge and ever-increasing player base with Pokémon and Animal Crossing, while EA has a shot at redemption with a potentially great Star Wars game – something that fans haven’t seen for a long time.

Single-player games continue to make a stand

Last year saw Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the phenomenal God of War, among others, prove that single-player games are here to stay. In 2019, that sentiment has continued through games like Metro: Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn and is set to continue.

While God of War continues to mop up awards as the game of the year, most recently at the BAFTA Game Awards, but it will have to have a successor in 2019. So far, the potential candidates yet to be released include the highly-anticipated The Outer Worlds, Days Gone, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake. Other games without a confirmed 2019 release but could come out this year include Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and maybe even Cyberpunk 2077.

It’s set to be another big year for top-quality single-player games.

The next game to become an Epic exclusive

The PC launcher war continues to be waged between Steam and Epic. To overcome the gargantuan platform, the Epic Game Store has opted to land third-party triple-A titles as exclusives to appeal to more gamers. Each new game that selects Epic exclusivity over Steam makes headlines and reignites the fury of the more vocal section of Steam’s PC gaming community. So, whichever game follows in the footsteps of Metro: Exodus, The Division 2, The Outer Worlds, and Borderlands 2 is sure to make some noise. It will be most interesting to see if Steam reacts to Epic’s antics, gives in to needing to be competitive, and perhaps offers its huge player base more incentives, such as reduced prices, or maybe offer developers a better sales cut.

There’s a lot in the works for 2019 in gaming, but virtual reality, the revival of a classic, big franchises, Epic exclusives, and the latest single-player sensations are set to be the biggest stories of this year.

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