Which Video Games Are Best for a Stoner Session?

Video Games

Video games and weed usually go together like peanut butter and bananas — some people love having a low-stakes activity to keep their mind occupied, and some people don’t. But, the truth is that if you are going to get good and high, the last thing you want to try to play is Dota 2.

Instead of consistently failing at a punishingly high-skill video game like Bloodborne, your stoned brain needs something simple, something colorful and something fun. After you stock up on a trip to a dispensary in Reno, you should sit down to a chill session with one (or more) of the following games:

No Man’s Sky

As long as you weren’t among the legions of fans disappointed with this game when it was first released, you are likely to find No Man’s Sky beautiful and engaging — especially if you are stoned the whole time you are playing it. The game’s story involves flying to the center of the universe and interacting with various alien lifeforms along the way. Fully procedural, this game looks and feels different every time you play, which makes it almost infinitely playable for stoners.

Jackbox Games

Weed tends to be a social drug, so while you are sitting around with your stoner friends trying to think of something fun to do, you might cue up some Jackbox Games. These video games are best for parties because they involve a large number of players and go relatively fast.  Mostly available in packs of a handful of games each, the Jackbox series includes Pictionary-style games, trivia games, lying games, joke-making games, and more. The games are simple and funny, which is exactly what a group of stoners need to have fun.


Super Smash

There is a way to play Super Smash Bros. in which you hit key combos with precision, knocking your opponents out with intention. Then, there is the fun way to play Super Smash Bros., which involves punching keys with abandon and hoping for the best. Both strategies can be exciting when you are stoned, depending on whether you feel loose and free or focused and driven.



If you have the plan to get super-duper high, you don’t need a game that requires much skill or involves a complex story. Enter: Everything. From Irish animator David O’Reilly, this game is about exploring, well, everything. You can pass your point of view from objects to organisms across the universe. Informed by philosopher Alan Watts’ proposition that all life is connected as a single massive organism, this game is impossible to lose, so there’s no pressure to perform while you puff and play.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is arguably the best farming sim ever made. Though this requires real focus and work to make your farm survive and thrive, it is incredibly rewarding to cash in your melons at the end of summer and see your profits climb. If that doesn’t appeal to your high brain, you can always spend your session befriending the townsfolk, each of whom has a rich backstory worth exploring.

Katamari Damacy

You are a prince of the cosmos, and your job is to make new stars by rolling up objects into bigger and bigger balls. Surprisingly trippy for a game from 2004, Katamari Damacy proves that video games don’t have to be complex or competitive to become legendary. You can find updated versions of Katamari Damacy as a smartphone app and on PC or the Nintendo Switch, but to play the original game, you will need a working PlayStation 2.

Yume Nikki

If you like to use your high to explore darker feelings and themes, you might enjoy exploring the world of Yume Nikki. Another game without goals or high-octane action, Yume Nikki is about the world of dreams, and it has been a favorite amongst indie game lovers for almost two decades. You can find Yume Nikki free online, which fans argue is much better than the 3D version available on Steam.

Pokemon Go

If you often suffer from couchlock, you might need the incentive to get off your butt after you get baked. Pokemon Go is a perfect motivation. The game sensation that got everyone up and walking in 2016 remains as fun as ever, and since there are fewer people competing for control of local gyms, you can probably establish dominance in your neighborhood even while high.

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