Who Can Become Tekken 7’s Season 4 New Character And Her Biography

Tekken 7

At the end of the trailer, announced during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, we were shown for a few seconds a mysterious new character standing on the roof of one of Japan’s classic buildings. Many in the Tekken game community, even possible from Tekken rankings, have concluded that this is Kunimitsu.

She participated in the original Tekken, Tekken 2, and both Tekken Tag Tournament games, but has been unavailable since then.

“Who do you think the character in the last scene is?” – asked Harada during JFGPR-meeting to Yohei Shimbori, who is a member of staff at Koei Tecmo, as part of Team Ninja. He worked on many games from the Dead or Alive series.

Miyabi, also known as Hidden Garden, is a stage in Dead or Alive 6.

Among other versions, this new character could be VF-Kage, Normal Raven, Jun, Dr. Bosconovitch (joke), or a brand new fighter.

But let’s recall a little about her since it probably will be Kunimitsu, according to the opinion of a new gaming portal Dashfight.

Kunimitsu, as a character in the Tekken series, appeared in the very first part of the game. After that, she found herself in the second part, and then in the Tekken Tag Tournament.

In the story of Tekken 1, she was a member of the Manji clan of noble robbers, along with one of the most famous characters in the entire series – the sword-bearer Yoshimitsu. Before joining the clan, she was a petty thief.

She preferred to remain anonymous, spoke little, but trained a lot to learn the art of Manji Ninjutsu. She followed the clan’s rules, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but then began to steal from the clan for her benefit. Yoshimitsu discovered this and banished her.

After that, Kunimitsu started repairing air conditioners to somehow earn a living. However, she found out that the young Indian woman had an expensive medallion and decided to steal it. Heihachi was also hunting for this medallion. However, when confronted with Michelle Chang, the owner of the pendant, Kunimitsu was defeated in battle.

So ingloriously for her, the plot of Tekken 1 ends.

After the defeat, she fled to her grandfather, to her former home. From him, she learned that the legendary sword that Yoshimitsu fights with is an invaluable artifact passed down from generation to generation by the Manji clan. Her grandfather tried to make a copy of this weapon but failed. Kunimitsu decides to steal it, so she enters the second tournament of the King of Iron Fist. However, the master of the sword, her former chief Yoshimitsu, defeats her, and Kunimitsu is left with nothing again. She is close to death.

It is unknown what happens to Kunimitsu after her last canonical appearance in Tekken 2.

Perhaps after a series of defeats, she decided to change her life and stop trying to steal someone else’s things. It can give her immense strength.

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