Whose Tweets Matter

When it comes to who matters in social media, it is not always the most obvious choice that has the most influence. It is not always the wealthiest or most popular names who have power over the people. You might find yourself surprised about who comes out on top. The most influential CEOs are ranked by Reuters and Klout 50.

What may not be surprising, however, is that Oprah is the leading CEO on Twitter with more than 15 million followers. The queen of daytime talk television offers words of wisdom and advice to her followers and has a high klout score. Rupert Murdoch is second on the list, though he only has about 371,000 followers. He makes up for it in influence. Names that might surprise you include Kevin Rose, Steve Case and David Karp. On the other hand, names like Steve Forbes are to be expected. Each of these individuals are able to drive action with the push of a button.

Whose Tweets Matter



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