Why Including Games in Your Website is Great for User Engagement


Have the idea of including games on your non-gaming website ever crossed your mind? If yes, then surely you must have contemplated the benefit of doing so. But if you are still unsure whether to act on this idea, then peruse this article for better clarity.

The use of game mechanics and aspects in settings that aren’t really games is known as gamification. It’s a technique for getting people to behave in a certain manner. 

A gamified experience may take place in a variety of settings, from the world of business to that of human resources or education to fundraising. To put it another way, it was already an integral part of our day-to-day life before the relatively recent invention of mobile technology. 

Since ancient times, individuals have needed a reason to continue working toward a goal, and competition and reward have provided that impetus.


Benefits of Gamification of Your Website

Let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why you should include gamification in the design of your app and the marketing approach you use. 

#1. Stimulates interest

Users are motivated to advance and hunt for greater incentives when curious about something. Innovative ideas like embedding solitaire onto a website keep the visitors hooked to your website. They will continue to use your app since they are curious about what will occur the following day. 

#2. Encourages healthy competition 

Your app may be experiencing problems with incomplete events. At this stage, the approach to motivate users to perform tasks and compare their achievements with those of other users might be as simple as providing a competitive environment. 

#3. Offers satisfaction 

A reward may take several forms, including something tangible, monetary, a voucher, or even simply a recognition of the recipient’s efforts. Although the particulars are subject to change, the indisputable truth that rewards are effective motivators for human conduct continues to stand. 

#4. Increases the level of engagement and retention among users

You will ultimately acquire a sizeable number of users who enjoy using your software if your gamification approach is carefully conceived and executed. Isn’t it the essence of what gamification marketing is all about? 

#5. Insights that can be put into action

The game dynamics you choose to include in your application will provide you with a good understanding of how different user segments respond to the environment you have developed for them. As a result, it will serve as valuable input for the subsequent stages of developing your software.

When you include components of games to your company website, you not only build interest but also gently urge users to explore how much control they have over the site’s content. One of the most exciting aspects of playing video games for many individuals is finding new ways to challenge themselves and see how far they can go. 

Take into consideration the implementation of an onboarding campaign for a new product line. Customers who connect for instructions are presented with a limited number of available choices. As they look into each possibility, more ones become apparent. The consumers will be curious to learn more about the information they have gained access to and which behaviors unlock further material. 


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