Why People Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 

When AMC’s The Walking Dead first aired on Halloween in 2010, it was like if the world stopped turning and people around the world turned into zombies themselves and just keep on watching and binging the show and at the time it seems the show must go on forever and it will never get this boring like it is today. All anyone could chat about at the water cooler was what amazing, or crazy thing happened to Rick Grimes the night before in the episode of The Walking Dead. The engaging action of the series, adapted from the popular comic books by Robert Kirkman, helped turn The Walking Dead into a must-watch, right alongside huge shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. It was loved by all but now ratings are down and people are speaking out against it. So, what happened to make The Walking Dead lose favor with fans? This video below will explore this very thing and I have to say it makes complete sense, check out the video below.

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