Why the Microsoft Cloud is a Business’ Best Friend


These days, businesses really need to be able to keep up with the times. The rate at which technology changes, and the rate at which markets, industries, and audience trends can change, all mean that a business should be agile and equipped for anything. An organization that knows this very well is TechQuarters, based in London. They know full well that adapting your operations and services is important – because the IT support financial services companies need won’t be the same as the IT support that retail and hospitality companies need.

What helped TechQuarters become a highly agile and modernized business was migrating to the Microsoft Cloud.


Microsoft Cloud

For more than a decade now, Microsoft has been building itself up as a leading Cloud Service Provider. The Microsoft Cloud is actually a blanket term that describes their top services for business, all of which were integrated into or built using the Cloud. Many of the IT support companies London organizations trust (such as TechQuarters) advocate the Microsoft Cloud as being one of the most complete Public Cloud solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So, what are the services that are included in the Microsoft Cloud?


1. Microsoft 365

Of course, most people know about Microsoft 365 because of the products that comprise it. Windows and Office are two-thirds of the M365 license.

Windows is a perfect OS solution for businesses. Windows 10 has been around for many years now, but just 6 months ago, Microsoft released Windows 11. Both Windows 10 and 11 are ideal for business users. As most people know, Office comprises Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; but it also includes OneNote (for note-taking), OneDrive and SharePoint (for Cloud file management), and Outlook and Exchange (for email services), and Microsoft Teams (for communication and collaboration). Nowadays, the suite is known as Office 365 – because it is a subscription service that receives every update that gets released.

The third component of Microsoft 365 is Enterprise Mobility + Security – which includes all the security and compliance tools that a business could hope for. EMS offers capabilities like Identity & Access Management, Information Protection, and Unified Endpoint Management.


2. Microsoft Azure

The Azure platform empowers businesses to utilize the Cloud in more direct ways. With over 100 different services available to customers, Microsoft Azure is one of the leading Public Cloud services worldwide.

Microsoft Azure offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Together these three solutions enable a business to completely modernize themselves. London IT support companies such as TechQuarters help customers migrate their infrastructures to the Cloud using platforms like Azure. With it, businesses can virtualize their servers, create whole new Cloud-native network infrastructures, and run all of their workloads in the Cloud. Microsoft Azure is an essential service in helping businesses enable remote and hybrid working for their employees.


3. Power Platform

The Power Platform encompasses 4 powerful services. The platform is aimed at giving businesses the tools to operate in a more agile and intelligent way.

The first service included is Power BI, a business intelligence application. It enables organizations to link many different data sources into it, and Power BI can analyze all those different data sources, compare them, and generate targeted insights that are valuable to the organization.

Two of the other services, PowerApps and Power Automate, are geared towards helping businesses develop and launch custom business solutions, and automate their workflows so that they can operate in a more streamlined way, and adapt to rapidly changing business environments.

The fourth service is called Power Virtual Agents, and lets organizations write their own AI chatbots.

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