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Video games provide an interesting escape from reality, but some say that they are violent and that those who play them are wasting their time. Debates on this topic have been going on for years – so is there any positive effect? Can video games make you smarter?

If we play video games periodically, we can improve our brain function. One experiment involved people playing Super Mario, 60 to 30 minutes a day, for two months. After that, a larger amount of gray matter of the brain was noticed in the parts in charge of memory, strategic planning, and fine motor activities of the hands.

Overcooked is an excellent example of a game that can enhance our cognitive abilities. It’s a fun multiplayer game you can enjoy with your friends or partner. If you want to try it out, you can visit Effortless Gift Cards and start the fantastic journey called Overcooked. 


What Is Overcooked About

Overcooked is a game that simulates the cooking of various orders that must be ready and served as quickly as possible. When you first start the game, you go to Onion King in a place called the “Onion Kingdom.” 

He gives you all the necessary information about why he invited you and why your cooking skills are needed. When you start the first level of the game, you get the recipe for a particular dish. The first level is mostly a warm-up for everything that follows in this exciting game.

In this game, you have to cooperate a lot with the player next to you because each dish has a set time in which it must be prepared and served. The tables are designed to look like a chaotic kitchen where not everything is in the right place.

If you are a fan of chaos, then this is the right game for you. Look for a gift card on Effortless Gift Cards and start your adventure.


Cooperative and Educational Game

Of course, video games can be very educational! And if you don’t play your favorite games for that reason, many games are used as effective learning methods for both young and old.

Overcooked is one of those educational games where you can learn great things about cooperating and cooking with someone, and if you have enough patience and you’re not a nervous person, it can be entertaining. 

In the game, you have the opportunity to play together with your friends or family. It’s a multiplayer game. So it’s all about cooperation. And if you didn’t know how to prepare sushi, then this is an excellent opportunity to pick up some food recipes. You see, games can be educational.


Couch Co-Op Game

It’s usually more interesting to play a video game with some company. The elements and challenges during this game are designed to always encourage players to collaborate and work as a team. 

The more levels you go through, the more difficult the game gets. It might sound boring, but it’s even more addictive than you think. The game continually challenges you – the more levels you finish, the more recipes and dishes you have to make. 

It’s harder to prepare some of the dishes on your own, so you’ll probably need someone to play this game with you. You can always get someone a gift card for Overcooked by Effortless Gift Cards and get them addicted to this game. 


Great for Love Couples

If you and your loved one are gamers and want the perfect game that you could play together, overcooked is a complete hit. Yeah, this game is very chaotic, and you must be wondering why that’s great for couples? 

The game makes couples interact with each other. You need to be focused on preparing meals together. Players have different jobs, and they need to communicate and listen to each other to finish orders on time. 

You continuously communicate and learn to understand each other. Isn’t that something that every relationship needs? Buy your partner an Overcooked gift card by Effortless Gift Cards – it may bring you exciting moments in a relationship.

This game is mega interesting, so it would be a real shame not to try it. You can only get a new experience of cooking with your loved ones. Go to Effortless Gift Cards and get the game as soon as possible so you can start your adventure in the world of cooking.

Go on and make a hell of a meal!

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