Why You Should Play Support in Overwatch


Let’s say you have been stuck in the bronze-silver tier forever. You are doing your best, you are picking DPS (you think it’s the most impactful role), you are doing a lot of damage, maybe even sometimes you have wiped the entire enemy team. But you still seem to be losing more games than you are winning. How is that possible?

What I will suggest to you might sound weird, but hear me out. Start picking support to win. I would suggest Zenyatta, to be more precise. ProClockers provides some details.

I know what you are going to say: “Why Zenyatta? I am doing so much for my team as a DPS. What more can Zenyatta offer?”


The problem

The problem with DPS characters is that you are only there to experience the highs. You are killing the enemy’s heroes (which is great and it feels great), but it is also very important to keep your teammates alive and have a team that coordinates pushing the objectives. No matter how many times you kill the enemy’s tank, if there is no one to escort the payload, all you did was for nothing.


Zenyatta: The solution

Zenyatta is always around the team, providing heals and making sure everything is running smoothly. By staying next to the tanks, you can make sure you are safe but also deal a lot of damage. One of the good things about Zenyatta is that it can deal A LOT of damage. The orbs, you give them to your team or your enemy and you don’t have to bother a lot about them. In the meantime, you can use your right-click attack to burst the enemies.

There have been a ton of games where I had the most eliminations with Zenyatta, just by sitting behind my tank and shooting orbs at the general direction of the enemy (don’t judge me, I am scared). Actually, it’s the highest DPS support that exists in the game and the utility it offers is top-notch. With its discord orb, you can make sure that the hero you are focusing on is going to die by amplifying the damage this hero takes. Your orb of Harmony will heal any ally you chose without you needing to do anything. Transcendence is an ultimate, that if used correctly can destroy your enemy’s strategy with the press of a button.

In many professional games, Zenyatta will almost always appear and many times provide some “clip material” by bursting the enemy’s hero faster than the DPS is.

By picking Zenyatta, you make sure that the objective is being secured while also enjoying the playstyle that a damaged hero would offer. Another thing is that, in lower rankings, usually the supports don’t take their job seriously and run around aimlessly. This is why you can make a difference with support. Instead of just trying to kill enemies, you will do 3 tasks at the same time: secure objectives, heal your teammates, attack your enemies.

What are you supposed to get out of this article is this: if you want to increase your ranking, pick a support hero. They feel just as good to play as the DPS heroes, but they will make the difference in every game.

My personal pick is Zenyatta. It helped me get from bronze to Diamond in one month. Zenyatta is a “feel-good” hero to play. But of course, climbing the ranks will be easier with a hero that you enjoy playing. Just keep some of the key points of this article in mind and focus on enjoying the game. The rankings will come later.

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