Wild Life: A Look at Some of the Newest Adventure Reality TV Shows

With the fall television season almost upon us, a new crop of reality shows are about to debut. Among those shows are several adventure reality shows, which are similar to the popular reality show “Survivor.”

Each of these reality shows offers a unique angle on adventure reality shows in a bid to draw in the most viewers. Following is a brief overview of some of these new shows.

Perhaps the show that is stirring up the most interest and controversy is titled “Naked and Afraid.” As the name indicates, the show follows people who are stripped down to literally nothing and are dropped in the middle of a wilderness area. A woman and man are actually paired together, which adds to the show’s controversy, and must work together to stay alive for 21 days in the wilderness. To add to the embarrassment factor of the show, the man and woman who are paired together do not meet until the moment they are both stripped down and left in the middle of nowhere. Producers drop the couples in various environments, many of which involve some extreme weather conditions.

Not only do the couples not have clothing, but they also are not supplied with any good, water or tools of any kind. Instead, people on the show must rely on their ingenuity to make tools, start fires, fashion clothing and gather food and water. The crew that follows the couple is instructed to not intervene in the situation unless there is a genuine medical emergency, giving a desperate tone to the series. The first episode takes place in Costa Rica.

Another adventure reality television show that is set to premier is titled “Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls.” The series is hosted by Grylls, who was formerly on “Man Vs. Wild.” This time around he hosts a show that is set up as a series of survival-related competitions. Couples compete against each other in simulated survival situations based on the extreme experiences of Grylls himself. After drawing knives to determine what role each couple will play in the prepared scenario, everyone heads out to the site of the contest.

The group must then tackle scenarios like crossing a gushing river without a bridge, construct a shelter in the wilderness out of only surrounding materials and quests to find food tucked away in hard-to-reach spots. The contests often require the couples to work with each other, pooling their resources and abilities to survive each scenario. At the end of each episode, Grylls must eliminate one of the couples he thought did not perform well in the day’s challenges. With each episode the challenges become more extreme as there are fewer and fewer couples, all culminating in a showdown between the final two couples for the season finale.

On a completely different note is the show “Capture” that features people in the wilderness trying to evade capture. All of the action takes place in a wilderness “compound” so contestants cannot get too far away. Contestants are put in pairs, and when two pairs are captured by the human hunters, everyone on the show votes to send one pair home.

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