Wild Red-Band Trailer For R Rated HELL & BACK


Check out this first R Rated red-band trailer for a devilishly foul-mouthed comedy called Hell & Back. Star voices you will be hearing the in movies are Mila Kunis, T.J. Miller, Michael Pena, Susan Surandon, Bob Odenkirk, and Danny McBride.

Hell & Back centers on Remy (Nick Swardson) and Augie (T.J Miller), two best friends who set out on a quest to rescue their other friend Curt (Rob Riggle), after they accidentally get him dragged into hell. Along the way they run into very frank fortune tellers, demons, angles, and even the devil himself.

In the outrageous R-rated animated comedy from the Animation studio that brought you “Robot Chicken,” “Triptank” and “Bojack Horseman,” three friends embark on a wayward journey into the deepest, darkest depths of hell to rescue one of their own.  While navigating their escape, they provoke a slew of misfit demons, a super sexy angel, infamous Greek legends, and the Devil himself; Hell has never been hotter!

The movie was directed by Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman, and it will be released on October 2nd.



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