Wild Russian Road Documentary Compiled Dashboard Camera Footage

Russian Road Documentary

The Road Movie directed by Dmitrii Kalashnikov is an amazing and wild documentary which offers an interesting insight into Russian life through the dashboard camera footage of its many drivers. Kalashnikov created the film completely out of this dashcam footage, which shows that a lot of weird things happen all the time and the extraordinary number of people who do bizarre and wild things when they don’t think that they’re being filmed.

The epitome of a you-have- to-see- it-to- believe-it documentary, THE ROAD MOVIE captures a wide range of spectacles through the windshield—including a comet crashing down to Earth, an epic forest fire, and no shortage of angry motorists taking road rage to wholly new and unexpected levels—all accompanied by bemused commentary from unseen and often stoic drivers and passengers.

The movie opens on Friday, January 19 in New York City and is available for pre-order as a digital download.

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