Will ‘Atlas Shrugged Part III’ Do Justice?

Shrugging Shoulders: Will ‘Atlas Shrugged Part III’ Do Justice?

Many Ayn Rand fans still don’t know but the classic novel “Atlas Shrugged” has been recently adapted for a series of films. Split into three parts, the first two installments arrived in theaters in 2011 and 2012, respectively, and the third film is planned for release in 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The third installment is highly anticipated despite poor reviews from the critics and a negative reception from the viewing public for the first two films. Given the everlasting popularity of the book version of “Atlas Shrugged,” what has made the movie version such a flop in the box office? And will the third installment be able to break out of the rut established by parts one and two?

Atlas Shrugged Parts I & II

The first two installments of the “Atlas Shrugged” movie trilogy introduces viewers to Dagny Taggart, the compelling main character responsible for running railroad company Taggert Transcontinental. Parts one and two also tell the story of the continuing disappearances of the best and brightest in America. “Who is John Galt?” is the theme of the plot. 

The second part of the film ends with a cliffhanger. Dagny follows the disappearing characters before her and is also forced to ask the persistent question, “who is John Galt?”

Changes For Part III

Given the poor box office performance of parts one and two of “Atlas Shrugged,” producer John Aglialoro decided the final piece of the movie deserved a slower filming process. He explained to Politico that, although he’d managed to obtain a talented cast with the high level of experience expected from the best acting school courses, he rushed the former film in hopes to have it released in time for the 2012 election. The less-than-stellar quality of the film reflects that frantic pace. Hopes are higher for the final installation. “Atlas Shrugged Part III” will benefit from a two year production period in which all aspects of the film can be perfected. Thus, lovers of “Atlas Shrugged” can look forward to a final product that’s far superior to the first two movies.

Building a Community

“Atlas Shrugged” got off to a bad start partially because of its poor marketing strategies that failed to reach much of the film’s intended audience. Countless devoted Ayn Rand fans remain unaware of the movie’s existence! With more than a year until part three is released in theaters, marketing will be the main focus in an effort to better engage moviegoers. And in anticipation of the film, fans and moviegoers can stay updated about the film on Facebook and spark dialogue surrounding the novel’s extensive themes. A vibrant online community, known as Gult’s Gulch, also attracts attention for the depth of its discussions related to the relevance of “Atlas Shrugged” in today’s political environment.

Although the first two “Atlas Shrugged” films experienced limited success in the theaters, part three has the potential for redemption. Renewed marketing efforts and a slower filming process may surprise dedicated Rand fans who walked away from the first two films disappointed.

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