Will & Grace is Coming Back!

Will & Grace

It is been 10 years the series is off air and now it is coming back! NBC‘s Will & Grace may be getting a new season and you will see your beloved characters on the telly once again. Deadline bring the news,that plans for a new Will & Grace season are underway with specifics currently being decided.

A new Will & Grace season comes on the heels of a recent digital short tied to the 2016 election featuring the full Will & Grace in character.

Will & Grace premiered in 1998 and ran for eight season (194 episodes). Eric McCormack and Debra Messing headlined the series as the title characters, best friends Will Truman and Grace Adler. Will was a gay lawyer while Grace was a straight designer. The series also prominently featured Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland, Will’s gay best friend, and Megan Mullally as Karen Walker, Grace’s assistant.


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