Will INDIANA JONES 5 Be Set in 1960s New York City?


Director James Mangold is working on developing Indiana Jones 5 for Lucasfilm and Disney. There are not many details know about the project and what the story for the movie will entail, but the filmmaker may have teased the setting of the new movie.

Mangold displayed his passion for The Velvet Underground, and said, “I’m mentally living in 60’s NYC right now cause that’s where all the movies I’m working on taking place.”

He doesn’t say that this is in regards to Indiana Jones 5, but that is one of the movies that he’s working on right on, so… It’s not really surprising that the next movie might be set in the ‘60s, after all, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was set in 1957. But, it has been 13 years since that movie was made, which makes Harrison Ford that much older. The movie could technically be set in the 1970s, but maybe they are going for the late 60s, which could work.

The question is, what goes on in New York City at that time? What kind of digging was going on in and around New York at the time? Or maybe New York City will be one of many places that Indiana will find himself in.

Mangold previously said:

“I’m always trying to find an emotional center to operate from. I think the most important thing is, in an age when franchises have become a commodity, that serving the same thing again. At least for me, in the dances I’ve had with any franchises, serving the same thing again, the same way, usually just produces a longing for the first time you ate it. Meaning, it makes an audience wish that they just had the first one over again. So you have to push something to someplace new, while also remembering the core reasons why everyone was gathered. And to use Logan as an example of that, when you’re dealing in a world of a very pressured franchise.”

Mangold goes on to explain his use of Logan as an example, saying:

“For all of the things, and there were many that I freed myself from in the canon, in the baggage, to try and make the best story. The core values of Logan, of Wolverine, and Charles Xavier and the X-Men, were something that I felt we never abandoned. The core ideas of their honor, their sense of duty, and the uniqueness of this particular set of characters that they were outcasts, oddities. Beings that had no home in this world, and yet we’re trying to do good. Were trying to do something right and find their way. Those core issues were at the heart of the movie. And in any franchise I take in, I’d always be trying to capture and make sure that we preserve those core ideas that are at the center, because that’s why these stories are more than franchises. They’re the fairy tales of our contemporary culture.”

Indiana Jones 5 will be released in 2022, and it will be the last film in the franchise.

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