Will Smith’s Runaway Slave Thriller EMANCIPATION Trailer Released


Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for Will Smith’s upcoming movie Emancipation, which comes from director Antoine Fuqua. The movie tells the true story of a man who runs from slavery and starts a perilous journey to reunite with his family. It looks like an incredible film that is going to tell a very heart warming story.

Smith will take on the role of Peter, “a runaway slave, who escaped to the Union Army during the Civil War and outwitted bounty hunters over 10 days through the Louisiana swamps, masking his scent with onions. Army photos taken of Peter showing the scars on his back from being whipped were published in 1863 and became known as the ‘scourged back’ photos, which became a means to illustrate the cruelty of slavery.”

Ben Foster stars opposite Smith, playing Fassel, “a man who doggedly pursues any enslaved person who attempts to flee to freedom, including Peter.” The movie also stars Charmaine Bingwa as Peter’s beloved wife Dodienne. Gilbert Owuor plays Gordon, an enslaved man working at the same camp as Peter, while Mustafa Shakir plays Cailloux, a free Black man who also serves in the Union Army.

Emancipation is set to release in theaters on December 2nd, and it will start streaming on Apple TV+ on December 9th.

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