Will Wearable Technology Fail

Will Wearable Technology Fail

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A lot of people have good thoughts about the future, but others wonder if wearable technology will fail. While this type of high-tech hasn’t really taken off yet, there are signs that it’s attempting a comeback. But if no one wants to wear the technology, it’s still going to falter and linger when it comes to sales – the true indicator of whether something is being accepted by the public.

Short History of Wearable Technology

Technology is one of the things that separates humans from the animal kingdom. For many years, humans have used technology to make their lives easier in one way or another. While wearable technology – like the zipper – has been around for a long time, after the Industrial Revolution, things really began to take off when it came to new ideas and ways to help people in their daily life.

However, it wasn’t until the computer age began in the late 20th century that more opportunities for wearable technology really took off. The first computers were the size of buildings – and then rooms – and then even smaller. Thanks to  Moore’s Law, it’s known that the rate at which technological knowledge expands is speeding up all the time. As computers got smaller, people began to think about embedding the technology in clothing that could be worn.

The first wave of wearable technology really didn’t take off because the world wasn’t ready yet. This is a shame because some of the ideas were good. From a jacket that had headphones built in to wearable wrist watches that could act as a calculator, technology became a bigger part of people’s lives.

The Future of Wearable Tech

In the 21st century, inventors and developers have managed to get technology even smaller. Today, a new line of wearable technology has been developed. Once again it’s starting with familiar things – like smart watches – but there are signs that this time it’s going to be a lot different  because the wearable technology may actually be very useful to humans in the modern world.

There are many signs that wearable technology is not going to fail. All you need to do is look at how ubiquitous smartphones are right now. They’re useful and many people rely on them on a daily basis. If someone can invent a piece of wearable technology that is as useful – if not more useful – things look bright for the industry. One of the biggest areas right now is augmented reality offered by Google Glass and Sony Spectacles.

The answer to the question of whether wearable tech will survive or not depends on everyday people – whether they use the technology or not. If you’re a fan of wearable technology, leave a comment below and let us know why you like it so much.

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