Windows 11’s Default Wallpapers Are Microsoft’s Best Wallpapers

Windows 11 leaked recently, giving us a closer look at amazing of the UI changes Microsoft is preparing for its next generation of Windows. The leak has also unveiled what will likely become Microsoft’s default wallpaper for Windows 11, and a bunch of new wallpapers that will come with the new operating system. And I have to say these are Microsoft’s best Windows wallpapers yet.

The main default wallpaper comes with light and dark mode versions, with what looks like a crumpled piece of cloth. It’s a significant departure from the Windows logo that was adopted as the default in Windows 10 or the two flowers in Windows 8.

Microsoft has also added a number of other wallpapers inside Windows 11. The “Captured Motion” set offers a more vivid option, and the “Flow” collection is a more complex take on the default. “Glow” is a set of four multicolored orbs that light up the Windows 11 backdrop, and the “Sunrise” gathering is a clear nod to the Sun Valley codename for the Windows 11 UI work.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

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