Windows Phone Games: Some Most Recommended By Reddit

Any recommendations from Reddit, the most loved community, must surely be checked out for they are the most active people on the internet. Here are some of the Windows Phone games recommended by Reddit:

Plants vs. Zombies

Windows Phone Games

Initially released in the year 2009, the game Plants vs. zombies has garnered a lot of attention. The game involves saving oneself from zombies. The players can use fruits and vegetables to defend themselves. The game has twenty-six breeds of zombies on one side and an arsenal of mushrooms, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, sunflowers, and other such plants on the other side. There are fifty levels in the game for the entertainment of the players.

Doom & Destiny

Windows Phone Games

The game Doom & Destiny is an RPG that has already been very popular on the Xbox. The game involves four nerds that must fight a super-villain to reach back home. The nerds are mistaken for heroes and they have no way out except fight the villain. The game has pizzas, dungeons, and other such things that make it an interesting one to play.

Dungeon Stalker 2

Windows Phone Games

This is a 3D, role-playing game where the player or the hero must fight the tyrant to save his or her motherland. As the name suggests, the game has some very realistic dungeons and spaces to explore.

Flow Free

Windows Phone Games

The game involves making a pipe by connecting color-coded dots. The pipes should be made such that they do not cross each other. The game has two modes: time trial and free play mode. The game is addictive and requires one to think strategically. It can be played by kids as well as adults. The interface of the game is bright and uncomplicated.

Skulls of the Shogun

Windows Phone Games

The game is an arcade game that has dead samurai fighting in their afterlives. The game can be played turn-wise as the player tries to defeat the general of the opponent’s army. The game is bright and cheerful with good animation. The player can replenish his or her health by eating the skulls of the opponents’ soldiers, by hiding in the bamboo, or by meditating.

Cut the Rope

Windows Phone Games

This is a game for those that have the patience to watch and then play strategically to cut the rope in such a way that the little monster in the game gets its package. The player must cut the rope and use other tools in the game to release the package that has candies for the little monster. The game is highly popular for the challenges that it poses for the player to get the package in the right place so that it is released right into the mouth of the monster.

Contre Jour

Windows Phone Games

The game is the best piece of art and gaming combined. The game involves helping a creature that is called Petit to safety without touching. The player has to move the landscape around the creature to move it to safety. The game requires one to be accurate and precise in moving the landscape. It is liked for its subtleness and gorgeous animation.

Modern Combat 4

Windows Phone Games

The game as the name suggests involves combat and therefore is not very appropriate for small kids. The game is, however, very popular with the adults that like to play an action packed thriller game. The game provides a realistic gaming experience between it uses the Havoc Engine to detect and record the real-time collision between opponents. The player can play as the hero and the villain as well.



Those players that love the Word games especially Boggle, would love this game. The game involves finding as many words on the grid by moving up, down, sideways, diagonally, and even turning on the corners before the timer runs out. It is a popular game on the Windows phone as it is not as easy as it sounds, but one must play it once to experience the thrill.

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