The WOLF MAN Remake Coming in 2018

The WOLF MAN Remake

Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski’s new project now got a release date, Universal’s remake of The Wolf Man. Box Office Mojo reports that the film will arrive in theaters on March 30th, 2018.

If you have seen the 2010 remake of the classic which was starring huge with Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro, but that didn’t turn out very well. This one, however, will be part of the studio’s push to resurrect all of its classic movie monsters — including Dracula, The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, the latter of which now has Tom Cruise attached to star — into a shared cinematic universe, Marvel-style. We will see how all of these classic remakes will turn out, but I am very excited for another remake of The Mummy, What you think about a new Wolf Man film?


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