Woman Conducts Outdoor Winter Experiments in Yakutsk, Siberia

Kiun B

Kiun B, a native resident of Yakutsk, Siberia, visited her hometown in order to perform some very entertaining experiments related to the harsh chill of winter in the coldest city on Earth. Many of her experiments included food such as fried eggs, ramen noodles, and bottles of water. Other items included a hammer, wet clothes, and ice fireworks. What happened to the things is exciting to watch in the videos below.

Welcome to the coldest town in the world with the recorded lowest temperature of -71°C (-95°F)… The winters here are usually very long, cold and dark… Today we will do 6 crazy experiments to show you how cold it is here, in Yakutsk!

Kiun also shared what people wear during these brutal winters.

Many people asked me how do we survive in Yakutia when our temperature goes down to -71°C (-95°F). How do we even go outside? Well, the answer is the right clothing, without proper clothing, it’s easy to freeze to death.

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