Women Empowerment Anthems: Pick Me Ups Every Woman Needs on A Gloomy Day

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Life is indeed unpredictable. One moment you’ll be full of energy, having the time of your life, and all of a sudden, you’ll feel demotivated and lack the will to do anything. Today’s fast-paced and demanding world gets to everyone eventually, depriving them of the simple pleasures of life. Nonetheless, there’s a good side to all of this as well. In today’s era, we have several avenues and options to pull us out of the miseries of life. For instance, we have several strong, renowned women supporting and uplifting each other on various platforms, whether through the expression of art, literature, or even songs. So, if you’re a woman battling a gloomy day, all you need is a headset or boombox and tune into some inspiring music tracks.

This article will be looking at some of the best female power anthems that changed the entire music industry. We’ll go through songs that empower women and give them the strength to get through gloomy days. And we’ll do so by including a diverse range of songs from all genres and periods.

All the famous, Grammy-nominated artists will be featured in this list. So, get ready and check out some of the most influential ballads listed below for you to reenergize when the day seems blue.

Let’s have a look


Sara Bareilles, Love Song

We all remember turning on the radio and listening to this song back in 2007. However, this track isn’t about romance or breakup, as the name suggests. Instead, Bareilles writes Love Song to address corporate executives who believed she should stick with the common theme of singing romantic love songs. The renowned Sara Bareilles received several Grammy nominations for this captivating song. And it is still the most empowering song of our time.

So, when the day seems grim at work, and you don’t see much hope, turn Love Song on. Knowing that you can resonate with the lyrics of this track can genuinely make you feel better. Moreover, consider watching the music video on YouTube as a source of entertainment alongside the song.


Katy Perry, Roar

This song is about getting back up on your feet and conquering the world with a mighty roar (as the title depicts). Katy Perry sings about letting the inner powerhouse loose and letting everyone hear you roar. This song is for all the fearless girls who are willing to speak out and let their voices be heard.

Roar talks about being fed up and not wanting to be subdued anymore. It became an anthem soon after it was released and has ever since been a ballad for women (and some men) when they feel dispirited. The music video shows a courageous release of emotion and teaches women to be strong. Not to fear the opposition and not to back down.


Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive

1978 was when women didn’t have the kind of liberty that they do today. Therefore, Gloria Gaynor singing ‘I Will Survive’ was seen as defiant yet highly bold. The song talks about being afraid and insecure but then moving on after a breakup. The idea that she would roll over and accept defeat was far from the case. She sang about surviving and getting over the heartbreak resiliently.

The strength which the song proposes can help women on gloomy days and encourage them to pick themselves up.


Madonna, Papa Don’t Preach

Imagine growing up in a conservative society and all the while worrying about your lovechild’s acceptance by others. Well, that’s what Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach is about, where she bravely proclaims her love and her faith in her decisions.

This track is perfect for all the resilient women out there who are unbothered by the rules of society. It restores women’s confidence and faith in themselves even during challenging times. Since we all know that Madonna doesn’t prefer to remain confined to the rules of this world, this song will undoubtedly change your perspective.


No Doubt, Just a Girl

Before we knew Gwen Stefani as she is today, most 90’s kids remember her as the frontwoman of No Doubt. The carefree, rebellious attitude of the band struck a chord with every fearless teenage girl at the time.

The song is a sarcastic dig at what men think women are like in society. The beauty of satire shines through this track as she sings about the little things that women experience in the world. It depicts a lot, from showing how girls are not allowed to drive late at night and tying a pink ribbon on their eyes. Just a Girl can give you that shot of adrenaline rush you need to get out of your depressive funk and take back the day.


Pat Benatar, Hit Me with Your Best Shot

There is no female power anthem more zealous than Hit Me with Your Best Shot. The lyrics hold a depth of emotion and make you feel on top of the world. The confidence that this song instills in the listener is timeless. Not only does it put the listener in a confident mood, but the song teaches a vital lesson about getting up when knocked down.

Remember, this song was released in the ’80s when women still didn’t have the kind of liberty that they do in modern times. So, playing this timeless classic can drastically change your mood on a dull day.

Feeling under the weather is a natural human emotion that everyone goes through once in a while. However, there’s no reason for you to dread your situation, get back on your feet, and take charge of your day. Music has a unique way of changing your perspective on things.

The lyrics we listen to can influence us in ways unimaginable. They have both a conscious and unconscious effect on our personality and can change our moods for the better. If you are feeling low, add these songs to your Spotify playlist, we are sure that you won’t feel the same level of gloom by the time the playlist is over.

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