You Won’t Believe What American Gadgets Looks Like These Days

I was looking for some gadgets or cool things which are TRULY made in the U.S of A, So I can make a list of gadgets which make America proud, But after spending time this is what I come up with.  These days everything is made in china, Components, shells or the whole thing is made in China, Even the tags which says Made In The U.S.A. is made in CHINA!

I have to dig more… Way more, If you know something really cool which is made in U.S.A, Say in the comments.


As the snow steps in your location so will the demand for these Wool & Deerskin Gloves by Upstate Stock. They are a set of fancy woollen gloves which have been creatively concepted with a deerskin front. A made in USA product, these gloves can fit any sized hands and are absolutely perfect for those chilly outdoor gatherings during winters.


If you truly fantasize the coolest art of popping bubbles or know a friend who does so, here’s the 2015 Bubble Calendar made just for people like you. This is a poster sized calendar that will let you pop one bubble for each day.

gadgets made in america

Feel the calm of the ocean by bringing in the magical touch of underwater illumination through theseMedusae Pendant Lamps. They are gorgeous representation of jellyfish in the world of pendant lamps which come in two models, the Polyp and the Hydra. Every lamp has been made from gloss white powder coated aluminum and vellum finish polyester mylar to bring in that striking look of the underwater stars in your living room.

gadgets made in america

12 individual multipurpose, reusable, Trongs utensils for eating unforkable foods while using your tech, tailgating, or at parties. Perfect for snacking on chicken wings, BBQ ribs, sushi, shrimp. Immediate shipping. Made in The USA.

gadgets made in america

100% hand shaped and digitally etched, The Africa America Board is a wooden skateboard you can gift your teenage lads to have their round of skating in town. Being sourced from Africa, the Mahogany veneers have been carefully handcrafted in California in order to come up with this awesome piece.

gadgets made in america

If you are already residing in New York, Boston or Pittsburgh or simply adore these cities, here’s your chance to get them etched as the Street Map Pint Glasses. They are a 16 oz glass which looks extremely adorable because of the etching of the streets on the glass walls. Once filled with beer, the glasses looking nothing less than a beauty you’d surely want to capture from various angles behind your lens.

gadgets made in america

Pair up the Apple logo of your MacBook with the superhero of Gotham City using this Carbon Fiber Batman MacBook Decal. Made out of technology safe vinyl, the decal bears the Batman mask which attaches beautifully on the Apple logo thus giving it a charm of its own. The carbon fiber usage enhances the overall appearance of the decal which is removable but not repositionable.

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