World of Warcraft – Affliction Warlock Updates of Class

Like all the other archetypes in the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, the Warlock with the specialization “Affliction” was also changed.  Some of the basic mechanics were affected, so now the style of playing by this hero may also change. Let’s start with the book of spells, where we can see the following changes:

  • The Life Tap ability has been completely removed, and all skills associated with it have been completely revised. It will be compensated by reducing the price of mana while using the basic abilities. The cost of auxiliary spells, which are used more often in PvP, increased significantly. In battles with other players, the Warlock can easily be left without mana;
  • The skill “Summon Doomguard” has been completely removed by the game developers;
  • A spell “Shadow Bolt” is an attack that deals magic damage. Its existence must compensate the downtime in the rotation;
  • Skill “Unstable Affliction” got a new passive effect, which previously belonged to the ability “Infest”. Affected targets take 10% more damage while DoT is active;
  • A new burst ability “Summon Darkglare” was also added. You can activate a new Warlock pet which will appear from the Twisting Nether. All debuffs on the target are extended for 8 seconds. He exists 20 seconds, 10% more will be added to his strength for each DoT hanged on the enemy during the existence of the contemplator of Darkness. Cooldown is 3 minutes.

Professional players will help you quickly deal with the innovations of the Warlock “Affliction”. We suggest you to buy powerleveling WoW character, because it’s still very relevant. If you don’t want to spend much time learning all the changes, buy boost wow get a professional help with it. It’s important to mention that the talent tree also received major edits:

  • Tier 1. The entire series has been replaced and begins with the spell “Nightfall.” When the Corruption skill deals damage, there is a chance to instantly use the “Shadow Bolt”. The attack will deal 25% more damage to the enemy. The skill “Drain Soul” replaces the “Shadow Bolt”. Within 5 seconds the enemy receives damage from the spell, and in case he has less than 20% of health, the attack rate doubles. If the target dies from the effect, it gives 1 shard of the soul to the Warlock. Talent “Deathbolt” is a shot that deals 30% of the remaining damage that the debuffs inflict;
  • Tier 2. One more addition is the skill “Siphon Life”. It now deals a small amount of Shadow damage, restoring the Warlock up to 30% health from the attack rate of the spell. The talent “Absolute Corruption” which increases the damage from “Corruption” by 15% and the debuff time on players up to 24 seconds was also changed. In the Legion expansion, it was 25% and 40 seconds, respectively. The new skill “Writhe in Agony” allows you to sum up “Agony’s” on the enemy up to 15 times;
  • Tier 3. This branch is a copy of the fifth line in the Legion expansion, but it also has some changes. Talent “Demon Skin” strengthens the shield with the skill “Soul Leech”. The strength of 0.5% is restored once per second (it was 1% before), and for the entire duration 15% of the maximum health of the Warlock is leveled (it was 20%). The Dark Pact ability now absorbs 20% of the character’s health to project a shield that absorbs damage in the amount of 400% of the previous rate. Previously, the demon sacrificed his life and only in his absence the hero himself did the same, and the shielding rate was 250%. The Burning Rush spell wasn’t changed at all;
  • Tier 4. Let’s mention a new talent “Vile Taint”, which creates an explosion in a selected area with a radius of 10 meters when activated. Enemies receive damage from dark magic and become slower by 30%, this effect lasts 10 seconds. The talent “Sow the Seeds” allows to have a shot in one additional goal after the skill “Seed of Corruption” is activated. The rate of the health recovery hero has changed in the spell “Phantom Singularity”. It became 25%, which is 5 points more than it used to be;
    • Tier 5. A new talent «Darkfury» was added here as well. When selected, it reduces the total recharge of the Shadowfury spell by 15 seconds. The talent of “Mortal Coil” replenishes the hero with 20% of health when applied. Everything else was not changed. When choosing the skill “Demonic Circle” the arsenal of abilities is supplemented by the “Demonic Circle: Teleport”. It is used to move to the label instead of re-activating the Demonic Circle;
    • Tier 6. The talent “Wraith Walk” was transferred to this branch with some changes. Now, when applied to targets, damage increases by 10% and lasts for 15 seconds. In the Legion expansion, the recharge time was reduced from 25 to 15 seconds. New skill “Shadow Embrace” allows you to impose the effect with the same name with a shot of “Shadow Bolt”. In this case, the target receives 3% more incoming damage from the Warlock, the effect can stack up to 3 times. The talent of “Grimoire of Sacrifice” also got a new passive effect. When a demon’s ability is used by a hero, his spells sometimes inflict additional damage from dark magic;
  • Tier 7. The new skill “Creeping Death” allows such debuffs as “Agony”, “Corruption”, “Siphon Life”, and “Unstable Affliction” to inflict full damage for 15% faster, which allows updating them more often. Soul Conduit now has a 15% chance of returning a spent shard to using abilities. “Dark Soul: Misery” has been returned to the talents list. It increases the speed by 30% for the next 20 seconds; recharging takes 2 minutes.Warlock with the “Affliction” specialty relies even more on damage from his spells with intermittent damage. Those who like this mechanic can safely buy a boost wow of this character. Players who skillfully track the number and remaining time of DoT ticks will be awarded by a large DPS. At the same time, the requirement for a competent implementation of the rotation has increased the same as for the correct use of bursts with the help of the ability “Summon Darkglare”. We see that variability in talents has appeared, especially if we talk about the damage to one target. For example, in the last tier both the “Black Soul: Suffering”, and “Slow Death” have pleasant bonuses. So the Warlock with “Affliction” has changed in mechanics, the amount of restored health has decreased, but it now deals more damage.
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