WORLD OF WARCRAFT’s Theramore Isle Redone With 55,600 Lego Bricks!

Theramore Isle

If you are familiar with the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game World of Warcraft, then you must know that there is a place called Theramore. According to the lore, Theramore was a port town and was “considered the Alliance’s most military presence in Kalimdor.” Sadly, the town was destroyed and left in ruin. But the good news is that Mark Erickson, or Mark of Falworth, has restored Theramore with the help of LEGOs. Over 55,600 LEGO bricks were used in the construction of the port town and it roughly took six months for Erickson to bring the town back from the ruins. This is a perfectly made lego creation and attention to detail is immense. Check it out below.



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